Motivational tips for all 6 types of employees

If you are responsible for employees, you have probably already noticed one thing: As a boss, it’s not that easy in most cases. Especially when it comes to constantly motivating your employees and keeping them happy. As if that wasn’t hard enough, each employee has to be motivated in a different way. Managing employees is not only an organizational challenge, but primarily a human one. Some strive for freedom and personal responsibility, others are pushed by friendly interaction with colleagues or want to hear serious praise by you from time to time.

One thing is clear: money is not everything. Especially not when it comes to employee motivation. Our emotions have a significant influence on how hard we work and how eager we are to proactively bring our own ideas into the daily work routine. It is said that up to 80% of this emotional factor depends on the direct supervisor.

How do you keep employees happy all year round?

Based on the personality typology according to the American author Isabel Briggs Meyers, the credit company Headway Capital has identified six employee types and derived tips on how best to motivate them:

1. The healer

Healers are resourceful idealists driven by their own values. They are very concerned about their own, but also about the personal growth of others.

☝️ Motivational tips:

  • Recognize their high creativity and potential and give them a task to fulfill in a unique way
  • Push them to find an out-of-the-box solution to a problem that no one else has thought of

2. The visionary

Visionaries strive to examine and analyze things in detail. Their goal is to influence other people. Challenging activities appeal to them and motivate them.

☝️ Motivational tips:

  • Tell them there is no solution – their love of challenging problems will motivate them to prove you wrong
  • Encourage them to do a task in an unstructured and unconventional way

3. The provider

This type of employee is rather sensitive and likes to take care of the needs of others. He likes to be pleasant and prefers to work in a harmonious and cooperative environment.

☝️ Motivational tips:

  • Make them feel that their task improves another person’s circumstances
  • Give them a specific structure and organization of tasks. Providers work best in a clearly structured environment that allows them to follow a clear process and produce desired results

4. The Supervisor

Supervisors work hard, like to take the lead. They are also very neat and conscientious.

☝️ Motivational tips:

  • Give them a task list with clear and concretely defined goals
  • Encourage them to take on a management role in the future – supervisors need to see steady career progression

5. The controller

This type tends to be introverted, but not isolated. It is very important for them to understand exactly how and what they can contribute to a project. They are also concerned to check that the goals set are being achieved.

☝️ Motivational tips:

  • Tell them that the completion of a task is entirely up to them
  • Work with them on detailed project plans

6. The performer

Performers are spontaneous and energetic, warm and very talkative. They like being the centre of attention.

☝️ Motivational tips:

  • Tell them what a great impression they will leave on others if they do a certain task
  • Allow them to be spontaneous in their work and to do tasks in the way that seems appropriate and best to them

No matter what type of employee you have, each personality brings a uniqueness to your team.Β Learn how to motivate your staff and ensure that your team is as productive as possible.