Agents: Communication is Key

You are a team of secret agents, and your head quarters have been infiltrated by a spy. This spy messed up your case files – now it’s your task to find and sort out the case files again, without alerting the spy of your work.

What you’ll do

After a warm-up, instructions on the tasks and the split into smaller agent-teams, the race of recovering your group’s case files begins. Each agent-team splits to cover two roles withing the team: the “Teller” and the “Finder”. The “Teller” has the task to communicate to the rest of their team, which words are part of their files while covering up the word with a codeword, so the spy cannot hear, that they are looking for their teams’ case files. The “Finder” is tasked to deduct the correct file or files from the given codeword and to signal their decision. The agents won once all case files have been found, and the spy has not been alerted.

Entertaining, Diverting, Technical or Impactful?

Each of our online team games has unique strengths, and the team building outcomes vary depending on the game. If you’re looking for a fun and fast-paced ice-breaker that everyone can play, we’ve got you covered. Or, if you prefer a more sophisticated game for online team game experts, we’ve got that too. Our “Game Focus” feature can help you see the overall characteristics of each game.

Supported for the following video-conferencing solutions:

To participate in our virtual team building, your teammates require a laptop/computer, a webcam, a microphone, and of course a stable internet connection. Even if there is the possibility to join using a tablet or mobile device, it is not recommended as we are limited by function.

Pricing Overview

Please note: prices depend on chosen length and the exact number of participants. The shown prices should give you a good overview of our price range.

  • 5 Participants
  • 269
  • 25 Participants
  • 549
  • 50 Participants
  • 1.299
  • 100 Participants
  • 2.599

Experience the difference

Fun and Team training at the same time

1 hour

Train communication

Game designed for teams

Trick a spy

Browser based tool

Completely online

Fun and team training at the same time

This online team building game is focused highly on communication, lateral thinking and provides a unique experience! Facilitated by our experienced event managers, participants are tasked with reflecting on their style of communication, finding parallels to every day work scenarios, learnings and areas of improvement.

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