What are Team Building Activities?

Team-building activities aim to strengthen the “WE” feeling within a team in order to subsequently increase communication, productivity and motivation of the employees. Often, these activities are team building games, designed to forge a team while having fun together.

A well-functioning team is a company’s most valuable asset. Only satisfied, motivated employees contribute significantly to the company’s success. Team-building is a real challenge for any company. Especially in startups, or where there is a constant change of employees, or in teams that often have to deal with problems, methods and measures of team building make the most sense. Due to the correlation of the success of the company and the satisfaction of the employees, such motivational measures are therefore not to be underestimated.

people during a team building activitiy with bubbles

The Bruce Tuckman Phase Model

This so-called team clock by Bruce Tuckman represents a model of team-building. When people meet and form a team, they go through several phases.

Team-building activities can be placed in each of these phases to reinforce each phase and improve transitions.

  • Forming – Get-to-know phase
  • Storming – members find out which position they have within the team (increased potential for conflict)
  • Norming – Formation of structures and rules
  • Performing – constructive cooperation, high effectiveness and motivation, common goal is pursued

Team-building activities can be placed in each of these phases to reinforce each phase and improve transitions.

Areas of application of team-building measures

  • If the team is in the forming or storming phase and the individual members first have to get to know each other, the goal of team-building measures is to create trust and orientation.
  • If you want to strengthen existing teams, such as in the Performing phase, the focus of team-building measures is on boosting self-confidence. Measures in this phase also aim to loosen up, maintain team spirit or, in the best case, even maximize it.
  • Team-building measures are also an ideal way to liven up a seminar – team-building as a supporting program.

The most popular and effective team-building activities, are those that take place outside the office premises and in the best case create true experiences.

VIDEO: Teamazing Offline Team Building Activities