What are teamwork skills?

Teamwork skills are a social competence with which one can work constructively with each other within a team.

The teamwork is a very important characteristic that should already be mentioned in every application. Where people work together, there must also be a willingness to discuss, compromise and pursue a common goal.

Where different characters come together, teamwork skills are crucial.

animals showing teamwork skills in a boat

The importance of teamwork

  • It is not an innate talent. Teamwork is a quality that can be learned.
  • Teamwork does not mean getting along with all team members.
  • Moreover, teamwork does not mean subordination – just for the sake of peace.
  • Constructive cooperation, respectful interaction, and proactive action.
  • Teamwork requires a high tolerance for frustration.

Teamwork is composed of…

  • Communication skills

The team members talk to each other, give each other constructive feedback and constructive criticism. Exchanging ideas and discussing opinions are essential elements of successful work. You can learn more in our virtual communication workshop.

  • Willingness to cooperate

Togetherness is clearly the focus of a team. Defining a goal together and pursuing it together is the only way to develop a team spirit.

  • Conflict management

Wherever several people meet, conflicts are inevitable. And that’s a good thing. What is important is how one deals with such conflicts.

  • Critical faculties and the ability to reflect

This means, above all, constructive criticism. It also means accepting it constructively instead of taking it personally. Reflectiveness means analyzing the relationships within the team and optimizing them if necessary.

  • Structural capability

This means, above all, intrinsic motivation. Each team member should be interested in the success of the group and complete his or her tasks conscientiously. Not only the structure of a team is decisive, but also that of each individual.

The science on teamwork: https://www.gvsu.edu/cms4/asset/CC22E6AB-DC19-6BE8-D720E30BBEEBBAD3/salas_-_miperc_presentation_final_9-21-17.pdf

VIDEO: How to improve your teamwork skills