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Use teamazing credits for easy, time-saving shopping at teamazing. 1 credit = 1 euro. Get premium support, on-demand team trainer hours, your own account to manage credits, and more.

  • Purchase teamazing credits.

    When you buy credits, you’ll receive a dashboard to manage your credits. You can pay for them via invoice or credit card.

  • Receive additional special perks and credits.

    You’ll gain access to exclusive presentations and receive extra credits for free!

  1. When you purchase credits, you’ll receive a dashboard to manage your credits.
  2. You can pay for them via invoice or credit card. Plus, depending on the package, you may get additional credits for free!
  3. Use teamazing credits for our full range of services, including team-building events, workshops, training sessions, coaching, and more.

Everything for motivated and high-performing teams!

All in one place: team-building activities, workshops, remote workspaces, leadership development, and much more. With your teamazing credit package, a single purchase covers your team or company’s entire yearly needs. Additionally, you’ll receive valuable extra benefits, become part of our community, and have a say in our product development. Plus, you’ll enjoy more affordable and straightforward purchasing terms.

Your advantages with teamazing credits:

Manage your budget

Manage your budget for team-building activities, workshops, team development, and leadership programs seamlessly on one platform. Keep track of your company’s expenses and projects in an organized manner.

Premium Support

Enjoy premium support services with access to a dedicated Premium Key Account Manager. They will cater to your specific needs, fulfill special requests, and provide strategic coaching for team development.

Save money

Save money with various special promotions and volume discounts that help you maximize the value of your budget. With teamazing credits, you can cut costs without compromising on quality.

Simplify Procurement

Simplify your procurement process by only having to think about it once a year. We establish a framework agreement that covers all services, even those you haven’t considered yet. An invoice also makes life easier for your finance and administration teams.

Part of the community

As a member of the teamazing community, you’ll receive invitations to HR events, gain exclusive access to teamazing presentations, have the opportunity to actively participate in the development of new product ideas, and be among the first to hear about new formats and innovations.

Cross-departmental planning

With a shared company credit account, you can facilitate cross-departmental planning and coordination. You have the flexibility to allocate budget to specific departments or teams as needed, ensuring that services are well-coordinated and tailored to your company’s requirements.

Framework conditions and price examples

You can find all our prices here:

  • Service
  • In-Person Teambuilding (15 PAX)
  • In-Person Teambuilding (20 PAX)
  • Workshop: Communication, Team Development, DISC Personality Types, Agility, and more (12 PAX)
  • Leadership Development (15 PAX)
  • Price example
  • from € 2.000
  • from € 500
  • from € 2.000

  • from € 5.000

The credits can be used to book any services offered by teamazing, with 1.00 credit being equivalent to 1.00 Euro. Each individual order is initiated by you upon confirmation of a separate offer that includes a list of services and their values. When a service is provided, the corresponding number of credits is deducted from your current balance. The individual orders are subject to the General Terms and Conditions:

Choose your credit package

Select from our three credit packages the one that best suits your needs

Small Package

5.000 Credits

+ 750 Extra Credits
+ All other credit benefits

5.000 Euro (net)

Medium Package

10.000 Credits

+ 2.000 Extra Credits
+ All other credit benefits

10.000 Euro (net)

Large Package

20.000 Credits

+ 6.000 Extra Credits
+ All other credit benefits

20.000 Euro (net)

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