teamazing Credits

Use teamazing Credits to pay for services. 1 Credit is equal to 1 EUR. There are many benefits:

Time saving, easy and reliable.
Premium support with a dedicated account manager.
Beeing part of the teamazing community.
Save money and get extra budget.
Spend your credits whenever you like.
Easy spending management across teams and departments.

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  • Purchase teamazing Credits

    For the ideal mix of services, you can schedule a free consultation call. With the purchase, you will receive a dashboard to view your credits. Payment is possible via invoice or credit card.

  • Receive additional special benefits and extra credits

    You’ll get access to exclusive lectures and additional Credits until Nov. 30, 2022 – for free!

  • Redeem Credits

    Use teamazing Credits to pay for team events, workshops, trainings, coaching and team experiences.

  1. For the ideal mix of services, you can schedule a free consultation call. With the purchase of the credits you will receive a dashboard of your credits. You can pay for them by invoice or credit card.
  2. Get additional credits – for free!
  3. Use teamazing credits to pay for team events, workshops, trainings, coachings and team experiences.

Everything for motivated and performing teams

One-stop solution: team building, workshops, remote workspaces, leadership development and much more. With your teamazing Credit package, the entire annual needs of your team or company are covered in one purchasing process. In addition, you receive premium extra services, are part of the community and can therefore contribute to our product development. And of course you benefit from more attractive and simpler purchasing conditions.

One Solutions, Many Advantages

Clean budget management

Manage your budget for team building, workshops, team and leadership development easily on one platform. Track your company’s expenses and projects.

Premium Support Services

You will have access to a dedicated Premium Key Account Manager who will address your individual needs, implement special requests, and coach you on strategic team development.

Save money

With various special promotions and volume discounts, we help you get the most out of your budget. With teamazing Credits you save costs, not quality.

Simplified process

You only have to think about purchasing once a year. We define a framework contract that covers all services – even those you haven’t thought of yet. One invoice also makes life easier for finance and administration.

Part of the community

As part of the teamazing community, you will be invited to HR events, get exclusive access to teamazing talks, can actively participate in the development of new product ideas and learn about new formats and innovations before anyone else.

Interdivisional planning

As a company, you have a shared credit account. This allows for better coordination and planning. You can individually define how much budget a department or team should get.

Framework & Price Examples

  • Service
  • In-person team building (15 PT)
  • Online team building (20 PT)
  • Workshop: Communication, team development, DISC personality types, agility, etc. (12 PT)
  • Leadership training (15 PT)
  • Price example
  • from € 2.000
  • from € 1.000
  • from € 2.000

  • from € 5.000

The Credits can be used to book all services offered by teamazing. Thereby, 1,00 Credit corresponds to the equivalent of 1,00 Euro. For each service there is a separate offer. Once this is accepted, the Credits are debited. The general terms and conditions apply to the individual orders:

Choose your Credit Package

Select from three credit packages which meets your needs best.

Small Package

5.000 Credits

+ 500 Credits on top
+ 1 online team building
in Jan or Feb. 2023 (worth 500 EUR)
+ All other credit benefits

5.000 EuroΒ (net)

Medium Package

10.000 Credits

+ 1.200 Credits on top
+ 1 online team building
in Jan. or Feb. 2023 (worth 1.200 EUR)
+ All other credit benefits

10.000 Euro (net)

Large Package

20.000 Credits

+ 3.000 Credits on top
+ 1 online team building
in Jan. or Feb. 2023 (worth 3.000 EUR)
+ All other credit benefits

20.000 Euro (net)

Get your Credits and secure long-term benefits in employee retention, team performance and company culture.

Free, fast and non-binding.

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Sebastian Adam

Account Manager