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Visions-Workshop Online: Orientation is Key

A clear vision serves as an inexhaustible source of motivation and provides employees with a common orientation, helping them make strategic decisions everyday.

  • Develop a "Vision Statement"
  • Strengthen intrinsic motivation sustainably
  • Guide team members into a common direction

A vision attributes every goal with meaning and a common direction. As a desirable “picture of the future”, the vision embodies the dreams of the employees. This is not only great for the team, but also unifies their hopes with the ones of the stakeholders.

We believe that every team and company should have a strong common vision. With our expertise, we help you in developing it. In doing so, we can pinpoint the intersection of everyone’s desires, passions and dreams. This common ground encourages an inexhaustible source of intrinsic motivation.

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This is how the workshop proceeds

Participation instead of a whiteboard session

Unser Background

Basic insights from social sciences and psychology form the basis of our workshops. In our workshops, we combine these insights with modern methods and an authentic spirit. We provide you with a suitable trainer who will support you holistically with their knowledge and experience. “Lectures” are a foreign concept to us.

The Agenda

Every workshop at teamazing starts with an energizer, a short exercise to energize and motivate the participants. We are not afraid of fun and unconventional methods. In the main part, participation and innovative methods ensure insights. Depending on the desired workshop design, we create a shared understanding of the vision, reflect, and use inclusive methods to create a shared picture. Sufficient space for exchange and reflection creates a rounded conclusion of the workshop.

The Content

By using modern and participatory methods, we collaboratively develop a vision of the future and support you in strategy development. We provide you with the tools and ensure that the wishes and goals of all team members are taken into account. We place great emphasis on a secure transfer of the acquired knowledge to ensure sustainable change.

Without a clear vision: How different goals can jeopardize the success of a company

Without a clear vision, there is a risk that different goals can jeopardize the success of the company. A shared alignment and a clearly defined future image are therefore crucial for successful collaboration among all teams.

If a group doesn’t have a shared vision, it means that team members have different ideas about where the team should go and what it wants to achieve. This can lead to lack of collaboration, uncertainties within the team, and a lack of motivation. As a result, team members may feel unsure about what is expected of them or not fully understand their roles and responsibilities.

In such cases, it’s important for the team to invest time in developing a shared vision. A shared vision not only brings clarity and unity within the team but can also help the team work with more motivation and focus. Having a shared goal can also lead to the team working faster and more effectively as they work towards a common objective. However, it’s crucial to regularly review and update the vision to ensure it remains relevant and achievable.

We can achieve this together

  • Establishing collaboration in a shared direction
  • Motivating and inspiring employees
  • Creating focus and solidifying the vision
  • Promoting collaboration, trust, and efficiency among team members

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Vision Statistics and why it fails

McKinsey 2020: “Employees expect their work to bring significant meaning and purpose to their lives. Employers must contribute to meeting these expectations, otherwise they must be prepared to lose talent to other companies.”

"Thank you once again for the enjoyable afternoon with you. I have received some positive feedback about the online team-building activities, and we had a relaxing time. The more playful and creative tasks were the perfect change of pace from our project-driven work routine and everyone enjoyed them."

Nina BratanDirector Marketing | AlphaPet Ventures GmbH

"Very friendly communication beforehand, a well-thought-out concept, and even during the times of Corona, it was a very exciting and fun experience - thank you very much!"

Carina WeberHR Manager Austria & Switzerland | ALD Automotive Österreich

"Two hours of pure fun. Non-stop laughter. Cool team leaders, an amazing group - highly recommended!"

Simon ReindHead Of Sales | Marry Icetea

Help your employees find their purpose – or they will leave!

A clear vision provides employees with a shared direction and allows them to see their work in a larger context. A well-formulated vision can also help boost employee motivation and engagement by providing a sense of meaning and purpose.

Effective Communication Model

A company vision defines the future direction and desired goal of a company. It provides employees with a clear understanding of where the company aims to be in the future and the significance of their work within that context. Values, when lived and embraced, complement the vision by defining the behaviors and attitudes that are encouraged and valued within the company. They are an integral part of the company culture and contribute to employee identification with the organization.

Without a shared vision, misunderstandings can arise, resources can be wasted, employee motivation can suffer, and decision-making problems can occur. This can significantly impact teamwork and hinder the success of the company.

The workshop “Vision and How Teams Find Direction Together” is important as it helps participants develop a clear understanding of where the company aims to be in the future. Participants learn how to develop a vision or understand the process behind the current vision and how to align it with the company’s lived values. Additionally, they learn how to motivate and engage their teams to work together towards realizing the vision. The workshop thus contributes to strengthening the company culture and employee engagement.

A Vision Workshop is a collaborative and interactive session designed to help individuals or teams clarify and define their vision for the future. The workshop typically involves a facilitated process that encourages participants to explore and articulate their aspirations, goals, and desired outcomes. It provides a structured framework for reflecting on the purpose, values, and direction of the organization or individual.

During a Vision Workshop, participants engage in various activities and discussions to gain a deeper understanding of their current situation, identify key challenges or opportunities, and envision their ideal future state. They may explore questions such as:

  • What is the desired impact or outcome we want to achieve?
  • What values and principles guide our actions?
  • How does our vision align with our mission and goals?
  • What steps or strategies can we implement to move closer to our vision?

The workshop facilitator guides the participants through the process, encourages open dialogue, and helps synthesize ideas and insights. By the end of the workshop, participants should have a clearer vision statement or roadmap that serves as a guiding compass for decision-making, goal-setting, and action planning.

A Vision Workshop can be conducted for various purposes, such as organizational planning, team alignment, personal development, or strategic decision-making. It is a powerful tool for fostering shared understanding, inspiring motivation, and driving progress towards a desired future.

A Visioning Workshop involves steps such as defining the purpose, planning the workshop, setting the stage, exploring values and purpose, envisioning the future, identifying goals and objectives, creating an action plan, reviewing and refining, and following up with implementation. The workshop aims to create a shared vision, set goals, and develop an action plan to realize that vision. Effective facilitation, active participation, and a supportive environment are essential for the success of the workshop.

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