Define Team Building: Quickly explained!

Team building describes the composition of people into a team. In this process, different people are brought together with their skills and abilities, which are required for agreed goals.

In order to realize the company’s success, it needs a well-functioning team consisting of employees who complement each other optimally. Employees are the most valuable capital of a company. Team building ensures that employees with different qualifications come together to be able to solve all tasks with the available knowledge. Team building also has the wonderful effect of creating a great working atmosphere in which the WE feeling prevails. A pleasant working atmosphere results in increased productivity and employee motivation. This in turn ensures a low fluctuation rate.

What does team building mean?

The social component

A successful team always requires a certain degree of collegiality. This does not mean that everyone has to be friends, but they should see themselves as a team working towards a common goal. If this level of collegiality and trust is present, the track record will skyrocket.

Team building methods

Team building is an enormous challenge. Especially in teams where the members don’t know each other very well or where problems occur frequently, it makes sense to use various methods and measures of team building.

  • Feedback rounds
  • Joint coaching, as well as team building seminars
  • Team activities outside the office are very popular. Joint activities in a relaxed atmosphere. For example, teams could build a raft from primitive utensils and use it to cross a river. Experience has shown that such team building events are the most effective – they create shared memories, remain in the minds of employees for a long time and provide topics of conversation.
  • Use online team games.

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