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Virtual Onboarding: More than a warm welcome!

Quickly and successfully integrate new team members into the team and company while having a lot of fun. This way, all newcomers feel warmly welcomed.

  • Playful getting to know colleagues and the company.
  • Strengthening relationships and trust among employees.
  • Starting new employees with a sense of confidence.

Laughter brings people together. That’s why we emphasize humor during mutual introductions in our onboarding process. Alongside the fun, we also focus on values, roles, wishes, and expectations of all participants. This fosters a sense of appreciation among both new and existing employees, strengthening trust and personal motivation. However, the onboarding event is not just about making a significant first impression; it also lays the foundation for cultural alignment and knowledge about key individuals for specific topics, company goals, or market situations.

This is how the workshop proceeds

Participation instead of a whiteboard session.

Our Background

We are leaders in designing unique programs that focus on fostering connections, managing relationships and trust, and learning essential company values and goals in a playful manner. Our interactive approach, combined with the use of humor and relevant information, makes our workshops both memorable and effective. By imparting knowledge and skills that facilitate the quick and successful integration of new employees into the team and company, we strengthen their commitment to the organization.

The workshop

Every workshop at teamazing begins with an energizer, a short exercise to energize and motivate the participants. We embrace fun and unconventional methods without hesitation. In the main part of the workshop, participation and innovative methods ensure valuable insights. Sufficient space for exchange and reflection creates a rounded conclusion to the workshop.

The content

We customize our content to align with your onboarding process and create a design specifically tailored to your individual workshop. Remote, we work with our design while taking into account the situational wishes and feedback from your new employees. This benefits both your new employees and your company, as you can gain valuable insights and impulses for your own process.

Minimize the Time to fully operative.

Quickly integrating employees can be crucial in many projects.

There are some classic onboarding challenges that companies may face when integrating new employees:

  1. Uncertainty about the roles and responsibilities of new employees.
  2. Unclear or incomplete information about company culture, values, and work processes.
  3. Lack of clear introduction to the workflows and systems used for carrying out work.
  4. Limited personal contact or exchange with colleagues and leaders.

An onboarding workshop can help new employees integrate quickly and successfully into a company, making them feel welcomed. By exchanging information and experiences, existing team members can also learn from each other, strengthening collaboration and a sense of belonging within the team. Additionally, training and educational materials can be provided to enhance employees’ effectiveness in their work. Questions and concerns can be addressed, and the company culture can be conveyed. Overall, an onboarding workshop can contribute to increasing employee productivity and motivation, as well as optimizing workflow efficiency. Onboarding is the first step toward successful team development.

We can achieve this together

  • Getting to know the employees and the company culture
  • Collaboratively defining wishes and areas of responsibility
  • Developing and improving team dynamics and building trust
  • Overcoming barriers and creating initial networks

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Fast Onboarding Statistics

Among HR experts, 53% stated that improved onboarding increases employee retention. (Source: SilkRoad, 2022)

"Thank you once again for the enjoyable afternoon with you. I have received some positive feedback about the online team-building activities, and we had a relaxing time. The more playful and creative tasks were the perfect change of pace from our project-driven work routine and everyone enjoyed them."

Nina BratanDirector Marketing | AlphaPet Ventures GmbH

"Very friendly communication beforehand, a well-thought-out concept, and even during the times of Corona, it was a very exciting and fun experience - thank you very much!"

Carina WeberHR Manager Austria & Switzerland | ALD Automotive Österreich

"Two hours of pure fun. Non-stop laughter. Cool team leaders, an amazing group - highly recommended!"

Simon ReindHead Of Sales | Marry Icetea

A successful onboarding process lays the foundation for long-term employee retention and enhances job performance.

The benefits of effective onboarding include improved integration, increased motivation, and reduced turnover rate.

Onboarding is the process through which new employees are integrated into a company, acquiring the necessary knowledge, skills, and behaviors to be successful in their roles. From a scientific perspective, onboarding is based on socialization theory, which asserts that new employees need to be introduced to their work environment in order to perform effectively. Effective onboarding also helps them develop a sense of belonging and strengthens their confidence in their abilities and position within the company.

Companies should invest in onboarding to increase employee retention and reduce turnover rates. A good onboarding experience can enhance employee motivation as they can succeed in their roles and achieve their goals. Effective integration into the company can also help new hires become productive more quickly, leading to greater overall success for the organization. On the other hand, poor onboarding can leave employees feeling uncertain and demotivated, negatively impacting their job performance. Therefore, it is important to invest in effective onboarding to attract and retain qualified and motivated employees in the long term.

An onboarding workshop is a type of workshop specifically designed for the orientation and integration of new employees into a company. In an onboarding workshop, new employees learn about the company, its culture, and the relevant processes related to their work. The workshop may also include training on specific topics such as safety, workplace policies, and other compliance matters. The purpose of the workshop is to provide new employees with a comprehensive overview of the company and their role within it, helping them to integrate quickly and successfully. The workshop can be facilitated by experienced employees or managers who welcome the newcomers, answer questions, and provide support in adapting to the company.

To successfully onboard remote employees, it is crucial to prioritize clear communication, provide virtual onboarding materials, engage in pre-boarding activities, book a virtual onboarding workshop, incorporate interactive sessions, assign a remote buddy, and offer ongoing support. Clear communication channels should be established, and virtual onboarding materials should be prepared in advance. Engage remote employees through pre-boarding activities and ensure they have the necessary equipment and introductions to their team. A virtual onboarding workshop designed specifically for remote employees should be booked, focusing on important topics like company values, remote work best practices, and collaboration tools. Interactive sessions, such as group discussions and virtual team-building activities, foster engagement. Assigning a remote buddy offers guidance and support. Ongoing support, including regular check-ins and opportunities for skill development, is crucial for remote employees’ long-term success. When booking a virtual onboarding workshop, consider expertise, client feedback, and content alignment with company goals and remote employees’ needs.

Onboarding refers to the process of integrating and orienting new employees into an organization. It involves providing them with the necessary knowledge, resources, and support to adapt to their new role and become productive members of the team. Onboarding typically starts before the employee’s first day and continues for a designated period, which can range from a few days to several months. The goal of onboarding is to facilitate a smooth transition for new employees, help them understand the company’s culture, values, and policies, clarify their roles and responsibilities, establish relationships with colleagues, and equip them with the tools and information they need to succeed in their position. Effective onboarding is essential for employee engagement, retention, and overall organizational success.

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