Everything in this world was build by teams. Enthused teams unleash endless motivation, learn, collaborate & perform better, and build smarter solutions. The world needs more teams like this to make it a sustainably better place, and its team members happier.

We enthuse teams. That’s what we love to do. That’s our job.

We worked with


Every teamazie is something special and we love that. Meet our team.


We believe that people need a workplace they enjoy. Join us on a unique journey.


Enthusing teams is our vision and drives our daily work. With continuous development and the conviction to find a solution for every problem, teamazing has become what it is today. We are creative minds with the courage to try something new without losing focus on our goal. We are hearty, professional and unleash the power of our brilliant ideas as a team only. We believe in what we do and know why we do it. Our values and principals are the beating heart of teamazing.

Enthusiasm for what we do

We use our enthusiasm as driver and compass for everything we do. It’s our enthusiasm that makes us a great team.


We have an optimistic attitude, focus on strengths and end each and every experience in a positive way.

Team spirit

We interact in a friendly and supportive way with a lot of fun and heartiness. One for all, all for one!

Celebrating success

We share successes and praise each other regularly. We celebrate openly and thereby boost our enthusiasm even more.


We are teamazies! We pursue common goals and each individual contributes to our success.


Our purpose and playful methods unleash enthusiasm. Ready, set, go!

Always on top

We aim for the greatest possible customer benefit and the most impactful methods in order to always be on top.


We prioritize our tasks and focus on a handful important goals.


Every task worth doing is worth doing excellent and impactful. In doing so, we are guided by the 80:20 pareto principle.


Striving for the best version of ourselves unfolds new potentials and lets us grow beyond ourselves.


Since we all go at once, we go hand-in-hand. We fulfill our responsibility with proactive actions.


We think outside the box, dream big, and are always looking for ways to grow.


We value innovation because customer needs are ever-changing and only innovative thinking will enable us to fulfill them in the long term.


We react faster, with greater impact and more targeted to any changes, giving us a competitive advantage.

Error culture

Using documentation, analysis, transparency and adaptation, we use mistakes to make improvements. Each one is an opportunity.


Transparency is unfiltered communication at eye level. It creates community, builds trust and enables impact-oriented work.

Role model for sustainability

We trust in a cooperative and future-oriented collaboration with each other and with our environment.


Trust is the foundation of our collaboration. We trust that each teamazie acts in the best interest of teamazing. This makes us more relaxed and satisfied.


We interact in a mindful, respectful way that increases our self-esteem. We show appreciation by adhering to limits and deadlines and communicating with radical candor.


We take a high level of commitment & liability to responsibilities or decisions – also for my team and its members.


Responsibility is an opportunity to exert influence. We value this opportunity and are happy to seize it.


In our actions, we always pay attention to a sustainable and long-term relationship with other people and with our environment.

Conflict transformation

We point out discrepancies openly – and come closer through mutual understanding.

Eye level

Everyone is valuable. With this understanding, we meet one another eye-to-eye, make decisions together, act authentically and accept every individuality.


We see the advantages of an open, diverse and globally collaborating world. This is the foundation of peaceful coexistence.


Started as a small team building agency in Graz (Austria), we have grown into an innovative service and IT company specializing in team development and HR tech.

teamazing was founded in 2014 as a provider of in-person team building events with innovative team building games that we invented and built ourselves. In 2017, an investment enabled us to expand our business to Germany. We have successfully established ourselves as the market leader in Austria and scaled up our business model in Germany just two years later, in 2019.

The combination of our team development experience and IT skills led to our first digital team development products in 2020. With them, we helped our remote working clients stay connected and collaborate effectively. Our innovative mindset and agility allowed us to quickly become a pioneer in the remote work movement by offering amazing online team building.

Our impressive growth trend continued in 2021 and 2022, with thousands of new customers and a 4X increase in headcount. Our customers include some of the world’s most successful companies such as Google, SAP, Mircosoft and TikTok, to name a few. They made us one of the top 3 providers in Europe. Winning the “Austrian Top Digital Restart” award in 2022 was a confirmation of our efforts and proof of our resilience in the Corona crisis.

At teamazing, we have a strong passion for innovation and want to lead our industry. We have institutionalized innovation and made it an integral part of our corporate culture, which we believe sets us apart from the competition and provides exceptional value to our customers.

We will continue to push the boundaries of what is possible and develop new solutions to help our customers overcome collaboration challenges and create enthusiastic and high-performing teams. We are confident that our innovative and agile approach will enable us to achieve this goal and establish us as a leading provider of HR tech and team development services.

Who we are

We are a team building & New Work company, driven by our passion for the workplace of tomorrow. We firmly believe, that investing in the happiness of your people, is the foundation of any successful business. Our experts and trainers helped tens of thousands of employees to find a connection to their colleagues and the vision of their company.

What we do

We work with companies and organizations struggling with their work culture to improve all aspects of collaboration. We do this by offering a multi-level concept. Starting with fun and engaging team buildings, up to special trainings for leadership, communication and remote workspace optimization.

Why we do it

We know that ‘fun at work’ does matter. That’s why we help employers to turn into the workplace, future talents love to work for, keeps employees happy and delivers outstanding results. Simply, because we love what we do. We work with small regional companies and global players to sustainably improve their employer branding.

Where to find us

Although starting as an offline team building company in 2014, we developed a reputation as one of the leading New Work advisers online. Since we provide all our services in a bulletproof remote setting, our customers come from all over the world. If you’re looking for an extraordinary offline team building in Central Europe, we got you covered as well. ➤ GermanyAustria