Agile Mindset Online Workshop: Embrace change, react faster

Agility does not solve problems. However, an agile mindset can improve the ability to react to sudden changes quickly and effectively and, therefore, optimize the outcome.

  • Experience agility in a playful manner.
  • Understand the principles of agility.
  • Find measures fit for everyday work.

Agility is a mindset. We offer a tangible and playful approach to the notion of “agile mindset”, and thus get to the bottom of what the meaning of agility is. Afterwards, we will look at the background and history of the concept of agility and illuminate it briefly. Then we can work out the basic principles as well as the advantages of the concept. By looking at examples from everyday work, you will get the chance to reflect upon the current culture and find suitable tools for your own agile work. The world of business is fast-moving, so the ability to adapt quickly has become a necessity.