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  • Founded in 2014 in Graz, now active worldwide

  • 3000+ clients, including Google, Pfizer & TikTok

You probably know someone who is unhappy in the workplace and who tells you about the dwindling team spirit, the inhibiting culture, and the impersonal interaction. In conversation, you jointly determine, “Someone should initiate a change here!”

Paul Stanzenberger Portrait Kreis“What if I told you that you can be that someone. Would you want to work for a leading team building and team development company? Well, then let me introduce you to teamazing.” Paul Stanzenberger, Founder of teamazing

We have already been able to inspire 40,000+ people. These people are still sharing highlights, reflecting on what they learned, making changes, and remembering the experience forever. As a result, they look forward to their colleagues a bit more, get up easier in the morning, collaborate better, produce higher quality products, and have more fun in and at work. These 40,000+ people we’ve had the pleasure of infecting with our mindset, team spirit, and enthusiasm for great teams are happier BECAUSE OF US.

And that’s exactly why we love our job!

What you can expect from us

Flat hierarchies in practice

Helping to shape things instead of nodding them off. Communication channels are short in our company. Everyone is involved in important decision-making processes because your opinion is important for our further development.

Personal leadership

Our managers provide orientation and support through value-oriented leadership. Desires and potentials are discussed and goals are defined in monthly retrospectives

Transparency enables intrapreneurship

Transparency not only creates the basis for further development with us, but also the opportunity to significantly help develop teamazing. This allows you to expand your entrepreneurial skills. We work with the OKR model, have weekly KPI-Meetings and an internal newsletter.

Flexibility and project work

Most of our activities are distributed via a pull principle. This means you can largely decide for yourself about the intensity of your work and your working hours – including a broad flexitime model. You can choose your place of work 100% yourself (except for required attendance events) as long as this does not change any tax entitlements (current limit: 183 days per year abroad).

Well-established processes & tools

We have the most modern technologies and tools working for us. This ensures smooth collaboration, provides accurate analyses, and gains speed in implementation and advancement.

Agile mindset in every project and company management

You can feel our agile mindset through and through. Everything is questioned, constantly changed, and optimized. Through this, we ensure continuous development. Boredom.

Take advantage of further training opportunities

As part of our “teamazing academy,” exciting content from our digital and analog library, explanatory videos, internal workshops, and even a train-the-trainer program with an official team trainer certificate await you.

International work

We have an innovative virtual office as well as locations in Graz, Vienna, and Munich. We also meet several times a year at one of our locations. The virtual teams that we support are spread all over the world ( on the world map).

Onboarding with Buddy-System and cross-functional Bootcamps

To help you understand our working methods, processes, and interrelations within in the company, we have a structured onboarding program with a buddy at your side.

Meaningful work

We believe that everyone deserves a workplace where they can be happy. To make this possible, we help companies, leaders, and employees with our solutions. To feel our impact every day, we share heartwarming customer feedback in our Well Done channel. As a result, we enter the office (almost) every day with a smile.

Big Vision

We are a pioneer in the virtual work world, embrace this role as an opportunity, and want nothing more than to become the global market leader in team building, thereby inspiring as many teams as possible to work together better and have more fun at work.

Developing perspectives

To bring our big dreams into your reality, you and your leader develop a personal perspective that best connects your wishes, strengths, and potential to our vision.

Among friends

Same vision, similar interests and hobbies – if you like each other, there’s nothing standing in the way of an office friendship. And why not? We are happy when intense friendships develop in our office.

We are on a first-name basis

In our opinion, being only on a formal language basis has nothing to do with respectful interaction. We prefer to use the personal “Du” in our dealings with our colleagues, customers, and partners.

Social Times and Team events

We are adventurous and love to share passions. So, we go up mountains in the summer, drive down them in the winter, play games and sports together, test our own team building tasks, have parties at the office, and go out together. The list of activities is endless, and we look forward to your ideas. In total, we have around 20 team events & social times a year, but only a part of the staff is ever involved – after all, it’s our own free time.

Your office dog is welcome

If you have a dog or take care of one from time to time, we’d love for you to bring it to the office.

We cook for each other

We serve a freshly cooked, healthy, and (mostly) delicious lunch every day, as long as you also want to cook up a meal now and then and join our cooking wheel.

Ocean Office

Work where others go on vacation. We take care of organizing team Workation opportunities, for example, a cabin at the top of a mountain or a villa on the beach. Work together with colleagues, go on vacation, and enjoy life.

Meet us at the Coffee Date

During your coffee chat with one of our employees you can experience first-hand what it’s like to work at teamazing, how the culture is lived or what projects and tasks can be expected. Find out who is your perfect coffee date match to best answer your questions.

Currently employed

Job advertisements today are full of flowery promises. In theory, self-determination, flexibility, personal responsibility, and everything else in the feel-good phrase book beckon. At teamazing, some people are in for a culture shock: here, New Work is not only propagated but actually lived.

Benedikt Schaur
Benedikt SchaurOnline Marketer

I have been working at teamazing’s Munich location since 09.2021 now. In this short time, not only have we quadrupled our office, but also added so many lovely people to the team.

Julia KrebsLeitung Events München & Teamtrainerin

Respect, an incredibly great team, and ongoing development: That’s why I love being a part of teamazing. Not only do I get to bring smiles to customers all over the world, but I also get to help shape the working world of the future.

Sebastian Adam
Sebastian AdamAccount Manager

What I appreciate most about teamazing is the incredible working atmosphere, the transparency towards all employees, and the free choice of working hours and location. With our virtual office, we also manage to live our corporate culture remotely – and that’s really great!

Lorenz Kofler
Lorenz KoflerSoftware Entwickler

teamazing not only offers me a workplace where I can develop further but also a second family. The cohesion and team spirit are simply incredible! Everyone is very passionate about what they do, which makes working together so much fun!

Portrait Sophie Rabel
Sophie RabelHR Managerin

To achieve our goals, teamazing does not prescribe solutions, but works them out together. This is sometimes challenging, but always brings the opportunity to develop further. If there are problems, we always help together.

Melanie Wutzi
Melanie WutziFinancial Mastermind

At teamazing, you just love going to work – even on a Monday. You know that every day you’re surrounded by great and like-minded people who enjoy their work and show appreciation for each other in every interaction.

Portrait Nina Totter Account Manager
Nina TotterAccount Managerin

Since the first day of work, I have known that teamazing is unique. In no other job have I experienced such a warm, supportive, and open team culture. Every project is meaningful and brings new challenges and opportunities to grow – even after 4 years, every day is still exciting.

Marlene VukmanicLeitung Events AT & Teamtrainerin

I have always wanted a job where I feel like I’ve made a positive difference at the end of the day. I 100% have that at teamazing. Not only the work itself, but also the whole team is amazing.

Portrait Christina Tschernegg
Christina TscherneggEventmanagerin

teamazing always challenges me to show my strengths and offers many way to put them to good use. I enjoy coming to the office every day because I am enriched by the positive energy, the joy for each other, and the great trust that is placed in me.

Sarah LangEventmanagerin

For my part-time job, I was looking for something with great colleagues, fun, and a motivated team that helps each other when things get stressful. I found that with teamazing mid-2020.

Mandy FuchsErlebnisbuilderin

As one of the first experience builders, I was able to experience the extreme development of teamazing firsthand. What hasn’t changed up to today is the incredible team spirit as well as the absolutely friendly and appreciative interaction with the employees – even if you only occasionally support at events, you are part of the teamazing family.

Martin AuerErlebnisbuilder

Finally, not just a “job,” but a job that I consider meaningful and wonderful. Fun at work and bringing people together to laugh and inspire! Wonderful!

Alena FischerErlebnisbuilderin

Formerly employed

The job as an experience builder in addition to my studies was honestly the coolest part-time job I’ve ever had! So many great experiences with the best team that really burns for the cause! Felt more like a cool hobby than job.

Catherina SchwaigerErlebnisbuilderin

As a 22-year-old, I was given the chance to prove myself as an event manager at teamazing just after a few weeks as an experience builder. The free division of labor and, above all, the practiced culture of making mistakes was already impressive back then. Instead of criticizing mistakes, teamazing creates a space where you can unfold to learn from your mishaps.

Fabio SteinerEventmanager

At teamazing, team cohesion is paramount – not only with our customers, but also internally. Due to the friendly relationship, I enjoy spending time with the team even as a former employee. During my time at teamazing, I learned that work can (and must) be fun! Since then, this has been a key selection criterion for me when it comes to finding the right employer. If you want to experience how it feels to work in a highly motivated dream team, teamazing is definitely the right place for you.

Lena BauerTeamtrainerin & Eventmanagerin

I like to compare my work at teamazing to a sports team that sticks together (even in difficult times) and works together towards successes that are then duly celebrated. We “teammates,” i.e. colleagues, support each other and learn new tactics together, while my “coaches” know me and my strengths well and encourage me accordingly.

Belinda SpörkEventmanagerin

Respect, an incredibly great team, and ongoing development: That’s why I love being a part of teamazing. Not only do I get to bring smiles to customers all over the world, but I also get to help shape the working world of the future.

Sebastian AdamAccount Manager

teamazing always challenged me to show my strengths and offers many ways to put them to good use. I enjoy coming to the office every day because I am enriched by the positive energy, the joy for each other, and the great trust that is placed in me.

Sarah LangEvent Manager & Team Trainer

There is a brilliant working atmosphere at teamazing. I was well received and integrated by the whole team from day one. Every day, I was happy to be able to work with such an incredible team and learn from each other.

Celine DiethardtOnline Marketer

Our company values

Inspire customers

Exceeding expectations is our claim, inspiring them is our great passion. We cater to the most unusual ideas and fulfill even the most individual wishes because customer satisfaction is the basis of our success.

Personal and friendly

Positive thinking and the cordial contact with others are lived by us and carried out daily. The personal and professional care, as well as the closeness to our customers, make our passion for experiences tangible for everyone.

Seeking the extraordinary

Creating extraordinary experiences is our ultimate goal. We want to evoke enthusiasm and surprise our customers again and again. In doing so, we generate emotions that create common ground and are remembered forever.

Continuous development

We are constantly on the pulse of time and dynamically implement current trends. Trying out new things in order to learn from them enables us to continuously develop further. In order to also improve the tried and tested, we question our actions and set ourselves ever higher goals.

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