For a new work culture with amazing teams

Organizations with AMAZING TEAMS focus on people and empower teams. They have understood that investments in collaboration and team culture are worthwhile.

Amazing Teams Badge


In our New Work world, companies and employees work together to create a people-centric culture based on values such as trust, appreciation, self-determination, openness and participation.

Trust and appreciation

Everyone’s individual contribution is valued with respect and appreciation, and needs are addressed in an open, cooperative and empathetic manner.

AMAZING TEAMS communication at eye level

Communication at eye level

All ideas, opinions and needs are equally appreciated, resulting in an open and respectful exchange among each other.

AMAZING TEAMS promoting potential

Enhancement of potentials

Employees are encouraged and supported to realize their full potential and complement each other’s strengths.

AMAZING TEAMS are created by the corporate cultures and require proactive efforts. We help to develop and maintain this cultures. Through innovative, activating, inclusive and fun methods in the form of teambuilding, workshops and much more. So that employees feel appreciated and are enthusiastic about their work and perform as a team. The result of these efforts are AMAZING TEAMS and a livable and productive working environment.

What does AMAZING TEAMS mean?

Companies and organizations that are allowed to wear the AMAZING TEAMS badge work with teamazing and can prove that they have invested in the development of their teams several times in the current or previous calendar year. They commit themselves to being part of a new working culture, are ambassadors of a New Work movement and proudly show this.

What does that mean specifically?

Who works with teamazing does it for a reason: We share our mindset, knowhow and experience in all our services. Companies and organizations that have worked with us and use the AMAZING TEAMS badge in job postings or on their website do so by committing to everything this badge stands for and as ambassadors of a new, better working world.

Do you have any questions or suggestions? Then let us know and get in touch at

teamazing is an experienced company in the field of team building and team development and fulfills all legal requirements for awarding this badge. The Amazing Teams badge recognizes companies that invest in their employees and are committed to a positive team culture. To ensure that the badge is only used by authorized companies, the use of all logos, characters and designations is only allowed with the explicit consent of teamazing. It is recommended to use the badge only in accordance with the guidelines provided by teamazing and in compliance with applicable laws and regulations. For this purpose teamazing provides detailed instructions.

Any company that strives for a positive team culture and the well-being of its workforce can apply for the badges, listing the required criteria. In order to receive the Amazing Teams badge, it must be documented that investment has been made in the form of employee events, team building, workshops or similar. Questions or suggestions can be sent to

Both the application and the awarding of the Amazing Teams badge are completely free of charge. We want to give all companies the opportunity to have their efforts for a positive team culture and the well-being of their employees recognized.

We recommend embedding the badge on career pages, job postings or any other relevant page. The badge can also be used on social media or other platforms.

Do good and make it seen. Your company’s commitment will be rewarded with the Amazing Teams badge and it can mark itself as an attractive and future-oriented company.