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Virtual Communication Workshop: Giving feedback and dealing with mistakes

Foster more satisfying results and stronger relationships through effective communication. Establish a room that allows for honest feedback and a healthy way of dealing with mistakes.

  • Gain confidence to master difficult conversations.
  • Establish a joint communication culture.
  • Foster the continuous improvement of performance.

For modern modes of business to work, effective communication skills are more important than ever before. To make the transfer to everyday situations easier, we first establish a common understanding of the communication culture you want to achieve. We will be placing the most emphasis on establishing a constructive feedback culture. Additionally, we will help you to find out the best methods for dealing with mistakes.

By training and revisiting the methods and techniques, participants will develop the confidence to handle difficult and challenging situations more effectively. Your team will increase their emotional intelligence with this experience and find it easier to integrate a healthy feedback culture into their daily work.

That’s what you do during the workshop

Collaborative, fun and interactive – remote with cool tools & techniques.

Our background

Many models attempt to explain communication. We link familiar content from various disciplines to a new, interconnected view of things and apply it to everyday life. Our main focus is on transfer and the actual benefits that can be derived from what is learned and practiced.

The steps

Every workshop at teamazing starts with an energizer, a short exercise to energize and motivate the participants. We are not afraid to use fun and unconventional methods. In the main part, participation and innovative methods ensure insights are gained. Sufficient space for exchange and reflection creates a well-rounded conclusion to the workshop.

The content

We tailor the workshop to you and your topics. This not only makes each workshop unique, but also relevant. During the workshop, the most suitable connections between the models will be explained situatively and based on shared expectations, and then learned playfully. We give you the opportunity to reflect on your own communication and not only understand it, but also improve it.

There are dozens of communications models out there

The right communication is not a model.

There are plenty of models that aim to illustrate communication to us, but there are also so many that it can be difficult to filter out the relevant information and connections for oneself.

However, one thing is certain: the way a team communicates with each other is the key to success. That’s why we place a special focus on internal communication within the team. In this workshop, participants critically examine their own communication behavior. For example, the following questions may be in the foreground:

  1. How do I communicate clearly?
  2. How do I understand my counterpart?
  3. Which methods can support our communication?
  4. How do I give and receive constructive feedback?

Everyday role-playing games or exercises are used to make the current potentials, weaknesses, and strengths visible and can support the transfer into the work environment. Participants reflect on their communication style and practice giving feedback to their colleagues. The goal of the workshop is to build mutual trust and create the foundation for cooperative communication within the team.

Communication as conflict prevention

Many (hidden) conflicts within a team or between departments have their roots in inadequate communication. Especially, feedback often leads to unnecessary hurt feelings, often completely unintentionally. The teamazing communication workshop serves not only as conflict prevention, but also as an opportunity to reflect on one’s own communication and clear any stumbling blocks. Participants learn to make their communication objective and congruent.

Together we can achieve this

  • Participants reflect on, understand, and improve their communication with others.
  • They learn to differentiate between criticism and feedback.
  • We introduce communication models that are most relevant to them and show connections without overwhelming them.
  • We provide practical methods for improving team communication in everyday situations.

Let’s work together on your challenges, participate in our coffee talk with experienced team trainers and discuss the topic for free and without obligation.

According to a study by the University of California, Los Angeles from 2007, body language and tone of voice together make up about 93% of the impact of our communication, while the actual content of our words accounts for only about 7%.

“Thank you again for the great afternoon with you. Afterward, I received some positive feedback about the online team building, and we had a relaxed afternoon. The rather playful, creative tasks were just the right break from our project-driven work routine, and everyone enjoyed them.”

Nina BratanDirector Marketing | AlphaPet Ventures GmbH

“Very friendly communication in advance, well-thought-out concept, even during the times of Corona a very exciting and fun experience – thank you very much.”

Carina WeberHR Manager Austria & Switzerland | ALD Automotive Österreich

“Two hours of pure fun. Non-stop laughter. Cool team leaders, awesome group, highly recommended.”

Simon ReindHead Of Sales | Marry Icetea

Collaboration Starts with Communication: How Successful Team Communication Sets the Foundation for an Effective Team

From misunderstanding to conflict: What are the most common communication problems in teams and how can they be solved?

erpersonal communication is not just an iceberg or a simple data transmission. We act from situational roles, integrate emotions, adjust content to our interlocutors, elicit specific reactions from them, and thereby change our actions – in short, communication is not easy to master.

The classic phrase at this point would be Watzlawick’s “One cannot not communicate.” But why is this statement a (although not universal) truth?

We don’t just focus on individual models that fit your team, but we also find connections to make the information practical and useful for everyday life.

Effective communication refers to the ability to convey information clearly, accurately, and comprehensibly while taking into consideration the needs and perspectives of others. Effective communication also involves active listening, attempting to understand, and giving constructive feedback. The goal is to create an open, transparent, and cooperative atmosphere in which all parties can share their knowledge and experiences and achieve goals together.

Effective communication, which reduces conflicts, builds trust, and promotes collaboration, is an essential component of any successful relationship and organization.

Effective communication within a team is essential for improving collaboration.

  1. Setting clear goals and expectations.
  2. Encouraging open communication.
  3. Holding regular meetings and utilizing technology.

Conducting a team communication workshop can be helpful in improving collaboration and communication within the team. Through the workshop, team members can learn how to communicate more effectively with each other, resolve conflicts, and achieve goals together. The workshop can also contribute to creating a positive work environment and increasing employee engagement.

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