What are Fuckup Nights?

At so-called Fuckup Nights, company founders talk about their failures. Accordingly, Fuckup Nights represent an innovative way of dealing with failure.

Fuckup colloquially means nothing other than “mishap” or “mistake”. The concept of the Fuckup Night aims to deal openly with professional failures and failures. Originating in Mexico in 2012, this event concept has now arrived in our latitudes and is enjoying great popularity. The aim is to introduce a culture of failure. Failure – far from being shameful, is seen as a necessary experience that can sometimes be the key to success.

Admitting to mistakes and talking openly about them – an acknowledgement of failure – is still unthinkable for many founders. But it is precisely an error-friendly culture that is essential for success and the ability to innovate. Fuckup Nights are intended to encourage the creation of a constructive error culture.

Fuckup Nights offer the opportunity to share experiences and mistakes. This encourages the audience and teaches them that mistakes are there to be made, to learn from them.