A shared vision is a vision/goal that all employees in a company can identify with and are passionate to work towards.

In the age of New Work and an increasing number of teams working remotely, the term Shared Vision has come up as a shining factor in business success. Now more than ever is the idea of everyone in the company having optimal cohesion with one another important. The best way to promote that is using a Shared Vision. It is often used as a pillar in a learning organization, which is an organization that emphasizes learning from mistakes and implementing positive changes with regard to them. Creating a shared vision allows a sense of solidarity that can greatly increase productivity and drive in a company. This is crucial to employee retainment and satisfaction and enriching company culture.


two people in a ballon as symbol for shared vision
  • Create an open discussion environment

Management needs to be able to facilitate/encourage an environment where all employees can feel comfortable discussing issues, concerns, and goals for the company’s future. It is important that upper-level executives avoid the mistake of believing any vision they create is also a shared vision amongst employees.

  • Establish easy communication channels

Allowing fluid communication throughout the company enables effortless transference of information and ideas. This works together with an open discussion environment to bypass potential communicative obstacles and avoid employee frustration.

  • Hold company workshops

Utilizing workshops can aid in teaching employees collaboration and techniques for working with one another to increase unity. It is necessary to be able to get together and have discussions, as well as participate in activities that strengthen the bonds with their teams. In doing so, it fosters new ideas and continues to keep employees engaged with one another and the company’s future.

Here are two of our online workshops we found incredibly helpful in creating a shared vision within an organization or company:

Shared Vision Workshop: With an experienced trainer, you’ll create your very own vision.
Virtual Communication Workshop: Build a communication culture where everyone is part of the conversation.

Video: A short explanation of a true shared vision