What is employer brand?

Employer brand refers to targeted measures taken by a company to increase its attractiveness as an employer.

With the employer brand, companies use targeted marketing measures to clearly differentiate themselves from the rest of the competitors on the labor market. The aim is to create an employer brand that is attractive to skilled workers and potential employees.


The following objectives result from the above:

  • Employee recruitment
  • Employee retention


First and foremost, strategically well-thought-out employer branding enables a high level of employer attractiveness. As already mentioned, potential employees in particular should recognize the attractiveness. In addition, employer branding enables more efficient recruiting. This is clearly evident with existing employees: the most suitable employees usually apply for a clearly defined employer profile. A higher cultural fit means that employees are more likely to identify with the company, which logically leads to a lower fluctuation rate and employee retention. As a further consequence, this clearly means savings in recruiting measures.
Internal employer branding aims to bind existing employees to the company in the long term, to increase loyalty to the company, and to maximize motivation and efficient work.


  • Communication

Since it is not only about acquiring new employees, but also about the long-term retention of existing employees, one of the most important measures is clearly communication. By communicating directly with employees, but also with applicants, they feel heard and respected. At the same time, following up with “What bothers you about the workplace? How did the interview go for you?”, you can implement improvements directly and thus improve your image as an employer. Also, constantly reflecting on the employee situation and asking, “What can I offer my employees?” (work-life balance), is important in order to be seen as an attractive employer.
  • Social Media & Website

Videos and images are ideal for providing insights into the company. If they are used in social media channels, they can achieve an enormous reach.
  • Employees as ambassadors

Happy and satisfied employees are the figurehead of any company. You can find out a lot about a company from employer rating platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter:

What do new employees think about the company?
What do long-time employees think about the job, managers, etc.?
What do employees who have left think about the company?
What do applicants think about the company and the recruiting process?

From this, a great deal of knowledge can be gained for the company and thus create the basis for improvement measures, which subsequently polish up the image of the employer.

  • Positive Candidate Experience

In an application process, it should go far beyond an acceptance or rejection. A company’s appearance to applicants is remembered and should be remembered positively – despite any rejection.