With architectural masterpieces to victory

This is what happens during  Marshmallow Challenge

Using unusual building materials and a marshmallow, you have to build a tower as high as possible as a team. Since even architects underestimate the special structural requirements, effective process management is important so that you can learn quickly from mistakes. Your result will surprise you in a positive way!

“Fully motivated, we immediately designed a concept and built a tower. But we never imagined that this airy marshmallow would be so heavy, which meant we had to start from scratch.”

Mag. Dr. Lisa ScheerQuality Assurance & Quality Development in Teaching | Teaching and Study Services UNI Graz

The Marshmallow Challenge is a task of the team or city challenge

  • Task type
    ♟ Calm & Focused
  • Experience factor
    🤔 Tricky
  • Team Training
    🗣 Communication 🎨 Creativity ♟ Strategic pl.
  • Location
    🏡 Indoor or Outdoor

Choose three to eight suitable tasks from 25 different adventure building tasks. Each task lasts 30 minutes and is completed by all teams of five people in a circle. You don’t have to worry about the venue – we will come directly to your company location or we can also carry out the Team Challenge at one of our partner locations.

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