Act as a team in harmony with your heart

Das passiert bei Beat the heart 

Equipped with pulse watches, you have to master various team tasks and act in harmony with your heartbeat. The big challenge is that some of you must exceed a certain pulse, while others must not fall below a threshold – great fun with a lot of ❤ and empathy!

,,It was amazing how you are not aware of your own pulse at first and then learn to ‘steer’ it as you play. The differences between the team members, who then complemented each other well, were also interesting. And it was something completely new.”

Karoline RachlSenior Video Editor | LinkedIn

Beat the heart is a task of the team or city challenge

  • Task type
    ♟ Calm & Focused
  • Experience factor
    😁 Fun
  • Team Training
    🖖 Dexterity/Agility 🤗 Empathy
  • Location
    ⛳️ Outdoor

Choose three to eight suitable tasks from 25 different adventure building tasks. Each task lasts 30 minutes and is completed by all teams of five people in a circle. You don’t have to worry about the venue – we will come directly to your company location or we can also carry out the Team Challenge at one of our partner locations.

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