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    Compare team performance with over 2000 other teams

    In the teamazing-ALL-TIME-Best-List we have listed the team performances of all previous teams. Compete with all teams against the All-Time-Best-List to compete side by side against the scores of the best teams.

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    Through new concepts and technologies we have created the most innovative online team building games

    In the teamazing-ALL-TIME-Best-List we have listed the team performances of all previous teams. Compete with all teams against the All-Time-Best-List to compete side by side against the scores of the best teams.


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    Beautiful locations

    We can hold your Challenge all over Austria and Bavaria. We are absolutely flexible and adapt to the requirements of the location.

  • 4.

    Our games are special

    Since we design, develop and build our adventure building projects ourselves, they are unique worldwide. Thus we bring variety to the online team building industry!


  • 5.

    Your team building becomes a unique experience

    An extraordinary WOW effect awaits the participants at all task stations. Paired with adrenaline kicks and laughter flashes, the team building program becomes an unforgettable experience that will be remembered forever.

  • 6.

    TOP-motivated participants through exciting challenge character

    People want to win. Teams even more. Thanks to the competitive character of the Challenge, really EVERYONE is involved and is involved in and for the team.


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    Team building even for tight schedules

    You have a tight schedule? No problem: Shorten the adventure building program and use it as a source of motivation and energy. Thanks to our modular system, we can also organize a 30-minute speed adventure building for you.

  • 8.

    German or English: The result remains the same

    Our employees all speak very good English and are perfectly tested in everyday English event life: about one third of our events are held in English. Of course, all documents and games are also available in both languages.


  • 9.

    Really everyone can participate

    No athletic fitness is required to master the adventure building tasks. So there are no barriers regarding age or athletic performance. However, depending on the circumstances, the sport factor can be adapted to the participants.

  • 10.

    100% Fun Factor Guarantee

    Our games are simply great fun! No matter if you are running around with little Mario Karts or if you have to free yourself from handcuffs: The fun and the experience are in the first place with the adventure building.


  • 11.

    Team building works in the background

    In the experience building tasks, the teams must work together effectively, get to know each other better and grow together as a team. Experience building is the effective and above all fun counterpart to the classic “chair circle team building”.

  • 12.

    Each participant has his own highlight

    Each adventure building task serves different interests and preferences: Riddle artists, dexterity heroes and communication experts – everyone gets their money’s worth. Combined without restrictions, you can tailor your challenge to the interests and strengths of the participants.


  • 13.

    Experience regional team building highlights

    You want to explore a region or city interactively? With our regional City-Challenge or Scavenger Hunt package you can turn your team building into a sightseeing experience. The Challenge takes you past all the highlights of the region or city.

  • 14.

    Integrate corporate content into your challenge

    Company logo in the web app or individual quiz questions on the previous strategy presentation: We brand your challenge and at the same time turn it into an unmistakable employer branding measure. So nothing stands in the way of your own “company name” challenge.


  • 15.

    Experience building is proven and reliable

    We have already tested our event concepts and experience building tasks countless times and are constantly developing them further. We are absolute professionals in what we do!

  • 16.

    With us events are also possible at short notice

    The approximately 70-person event team and the standardized processing also make short-term assignments possible. Provided that the adventure building assignments in your region are not yet fully booked, of course.


  • 17.

    No weather can affect the success of the event

    We have always prepared a bad weather alternative: So you don’t need to worry about blizzards, floods of meaning or heat waves. If it gets uncomfortable outside, we simply swap the outdoor tasks for indoor ones.

  • 18.

    Customized game and concept development

    You want your own adventure building task? We are happy to develop customized games for your event and can integrate specific content. This way you can give your event your own personal touch.


Your special benefit

  • 19.

    Fill up on fresh energy

    You want to break through the daily routine of work or workshop and let the participants recharge their batteries? Just one hour of experience building can work wonders and give a boost to the dynamics of the agenda.

  • 20.

    Effective employer branding

    With experience building, specific experiences are created in order to connect the participants with each other through positive emotions or to bind them emotionally to the company. Employer branding reduces fluctuation and recruiting costs. Employee satisfaction also increases.


  • 21.

    Use the energy of the event as a boost

    Experience building has proven to be an effective component of kick-off events. So don’t forget the motivation boost at the next change – keyword “change management”. Also the implementation of a project will be easier for you if everyone is highly motivated and really engaged.

  • 22.

    Identify strengths and weaknesses

    Whether as an assessment center or analysis of the existing team: The competitive character of a Team Challenge mercilessly reveals the character traits, strengths and weaknesses of the participants. The participants want to win and do not think about their role as observers. On request, we are also happy to provide targeted and individual feedback on all employees.


Your special benefit

  • 23.

    Significantly better mood in the company

    All our customers reported a striking change of mood in the weeks and sometimes months after the event. The reason for this is obvious: the positive emotions are projected from the eventful event onto the colleagues and the company. The good mood of the event is thus transferred to the company and continues to have an effect there for a long time.

  • 24.

    Team competencies of the participants are improved

    The experience building tasks are designed in such a way that they can only be completed through the use of team skills. The participants playfully train skills such as team communication, leadership, decision-making in a team or empathy. On request, participants can also receive specific feedback on their team skills after the individual experience building tasks.


  • 25.

    Reduction of barriers between participants

    Personal interaction during the Challenge breaks down barriers and inhibitions and thus reduces the distance between employees. On the one hand, the participants have to support each other in some experience-building tasks in order to get as many points as possible. On the other hand, there is a general obligation to use Duz to ensure that there is no artificial distance between the participants.

  • 26.

    German or English: The result remains the same

    Change takes time. But good things often happen suddenly. We observe again and again how trust and relationships are built up and friendships are made in our high-speed experience buildings. You can’t create good team chemistry more effectively than that.


  • 27.

    Easily integrate new employees into the team

    Innovative online team building activities are a varied and cool part of the onboarding system in your company. New employees are linked to the existing team playfully and emotionally bound to the new company. An optimal way to guarantee a quick start in the new environment.

  • 28.

    Networking that’s fun

    Why go to boring networking events when it’s so much easier. Our events are fun and highly effective in terms of networking and relationship management.


  • 29.

    Modern image through innovative team building

    Those who do not keep up with the times, keep up with the times. With a online team building you are at the pulse of time and show that your company cares for its employees in an innovative and committed way. This way you are always at the forefront and benefit from the many positive effects that result from this. This is how personnel management works.

Our ingenious team

  • 30.

    No stress with our "carefree package

    With us you are in the best hands. We take care of everything and make sure that you feel really comfortable. No matter if it’s the course of events, organization or overnight stays: We organize the whole event and everything that has to do with it for you in advance. You only have to come yourself.

  • 31.

    Valuable feedback for the employees

    We give your employees valuable feedback on their skills and abilities and are ideal for discovering their own strengths and weaknesses.


  • 32.

    Our event team is flexible

    There have been changes for you? No problem! Our event teams are at least as flexible as they are motivated and master every new challenge with joy and competence. Just let us know your request – together we will find a solution.

  • 33.

    The best of all teams

    People want to be inspired. Enthusiasm through our cordial and sympathetic approach to customers is lived by our team on a daily basis and carried to the outside world. This creates extraordinary experiences and positive emotions that will never be forgotten.


  • 34.

    We are simply irresistible

    If anyone understands anything about fun and action, it’s us! Our highly motivated team of adventure builders knows how to infect others with their motivation and will really get you going. Grouchy people don’t stand a chance. That’s a promise!

  • 35.

    For you we go the extra mile

    Nothing works without great service. That’s why we do our utmost to make your team building experience a huge success from the very beginning and to ensure that everyone involved is happy.


  • 36.

    Sensitivity is our middle name

    Our greatest goal is to create an atmosphere in which each individual feels comfortable. That’s why all our teambuilders have a lot of experience in dealing with other people and know exactly which buttons to press to make your experience building something special.

  • 37.

    We treat you to real fun

    Who laughs lives longer! That’s why you can really have fun with us. Our event staff is available for any kind of humor and will make your adventure building an unforgettable event.


Your best product benefits

  • 38.

    We have the best event locations

    We know how important the right location is to feel comfortable. That’s why we’ve already brought the best of the best to the start, so that your adventure building can really take off. With our many partners we will find the ideal location for your adventure building event.

  • 39.

    We get the best price for you

    We are super networked. And because that’s the case, we get top price discounts at all event locations we work with. So you pay less and still enjoy all the advantages on site.


Our excellent references

  • 40.

    The most innovative companies are our customers

    We would bet on us. But not only us. Our customers include innovative and successful companies such as Red Bull, Siemens and Huawei. And every day there are more.

  • 41.

    100% of our customers recommend us to others

    A good argument for your boss. An incredible 100 percent recommendation rate shows that we are the real online team building professionals.


Our customers are enthusiastic