Frequently Asked Questions about Monax Island

Monax Island is a browser-based cooperation game with integrated video call. The game is played in teams of 2-6 people. After a shipwreck, you save yourselves on a mysterious island inhabited by strange marmots (Monax). Together you will master creative challenges to survive and uncover the secrets of the island.

Monax Island is very easy to play even without previous experience. If you want, you can try out the controls in advance in the tutorial (play.teamazing.com/tutorial).

Make sure you have a PC/laptop with Chrome, Microsoft Edge or Firefox browser, internet access, microphone and webcam. You can test your technical setup here: check.teamazing.com

Each level of Monax Island takes about 30 minutes to complete. This duration is designed to fit easily into a busy workday while still offering a fun, immersive experience.

Absolutely, since many teams can play at the same time. If there are more than 6 people, there is also the option of setting up a virtual lobby before the game, where everyone joins in and answers fun icebreaker questions in small video call groups. Once everyone is there, the team building on Monax Island starts in random teams. This way, everyone is active at all times.

The team building on Monax Island is designed to be very intuitive and self-guided. In other words, the team building does not require personal supervision, although it can enhance the experience. If requested, we get everyone in the mood and facilitate the post-game reflection session. The personal service during team building is subject to a charge.

We recommend checking your setup before the game using our technical check link. If any issues arise during the game, we will help you and ensure that your gaming experience is affected as little as possible. Our support team is available free of charge during our office hours via the integrated chat.

As long as the game is still running, you spawn where you left off.

Monax Island is built to bond colleagues and improve teamwork, communication, problem solving and decision making. It offers a fun and engaging way to strengthen these important skills in the workplace and helps you learn a lot about yourself and your colleagues.

Points are scored for playing time, completed tasks and successful teamwork so that a winning team can be determined. So, it’s also about fame and honor.

This is at the discretion of your employer. Many see team building as a valuable investment in employee retention and development and therefore include it in working time.

Monax Island is an online team building game. The teamazing platform, on the other hand, is a holistic solution for team development, including personal user accounts and connecting the planning, registration and running of team building events, just like on Monax Island. There are also internal & global scoreboards, analyses and – in future – a powerful toolbox for ongoing professional development.

Privacy and data security have top priority. We guarantee a secure environment where employee data (email address, first and last name) is protected and the platform is fully GDPR compliant.

In a world that is becoming more digital and global with increasing popularity of remote work, there is a growing need for digital solutions to complement face-to-face team building activities. We truly believe that our platform and team building concept will not only revolutionize the way colleagues bond and grow together, but also enthuse teams around the world. Our goal is to build a community where teams around the world learn from each other, inspire each other and grow together. With “teamazing”, we are creating a synonym for innovation, sustainability and fun in team development by providing an environment that fosters enthusiasm, creativity, collaboration and continuous improvement. We believe that by connecting people and technology, we can change the way people work and interact forever.