Remote Workspace: 10x the effectiveness of your teams online collaboration

For distributed, fully-remote or hybrid teams around the world.

  • Enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of collaboration.
  • Establish strong and meaningful relations with remote team members.
  • Avert the inconveniences of virtual meetings.

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This is what the haters say about Remote Work

Don’t be like them. Remote collaboration has changed drastically over the past years. The Metaverse is waiting for you to be used.

Employees need to be in the same location to effectively work together.

MS Teams is a great tool. We all love it.

Our people love to come to the office every day.

Say hello to a meaningful and effective style of communication

Are you tired of using outdated, clunky collaboration tools that don’t quite meet your needs? Are you looking for a more effective way to collaborate with your team, even when you’re working remotely?

Instant and intuitive, real-world like, collaboration.

Working remotely will feel like a breeze. Walk to your colleagues, pump into each other and have a little water cooler talk, hold meetings and collaborate like there is no remote border.

No need to schedule a video call, just walk by

Get rid of outdated video meetings. Just walk into a room and see colleagues join. Work together beyond the border of meeting links.

Increase output through meaningful remote collaboration

Having a well functioning virtual office is a benefit your employees will fall in love with. But not only that, interactive collaboration will improve the overall performance of teams working with the tool.

How we helped Doonails transform their Remote Work

As a fully remote company, a few months ago we faced the big question: how do we create a sense of unity for our employees in a constantly growing team? Is it possible to feel a sense of belonging with people you’ve never met in real life? Our answer is YES, definitely: working in our virtual Gather-Office confirms every day that a strong sense of togetherness and community is absolutely possible virtually. Our virtual office provides the basis for effective collaboration and fast, intuitive communication. We can’t imagine our daily routine without our virtual Doonails space anymore.

Working with Teamazing is super easy and the team is incredibly friendly and accommodating. The exchange of ideas and exciting insights and tips on working in a virtual office and remote work are especially valuable for us!

Anna UnterwegerPeople & Culture Manager @ Doonails

One solution, many great usecases

There are many ways we can make use of the tool. The virtual office is just one use-case out of many.

Virtual Office

A Virtual Office is a space for everyday work. Upon logging in, they can easily select an available desk space to begin working. Dedicated meeting areas are also available for team discussions. Additionally, colleagues can easily chat and collaborate to available teammates. But there is much more to explore.


We help you make your onboarding process gamified and intuitive. We offer dedicated Onboarding Spaces where new employees can engage in playful learning and an interactive guided tour that prepares them for their job, customized to your companies need.

Social Time

Are you searching for a possibility to foster team culture while support fun after-work activities, socialising or deep discussions? Look no further! We offer great solutions for those seeking to connect with their remote teammates in a meaningful way.

We implement it – employees will love it

Our job is to find the right solutions and make them impactful. While a tool is an important aspect, it’s only one side of the coin. We focus on implementing it into everyday work to make it valuable and effective – for everyone.

That’ what we do

We assess the current situation and devise solutions to enhance your current state of affairs. We put forward a proposal to tackle the challenge and execute it based on your specific requirements and preferences. We build the space and adapt it. Furthermore, we also ensure a seamless implementation process by assisting all users, conducting workshops, and bringing the tool to fruition.

That’s why we do it so good

We blend cutting-edge industry expertise with state-of-the-art solutions to deliver impactful remote work experiences, engaging virtual get-togethers, and successful online events. Our team comprises skilled trainers and solution architects who assist you in enhancing teamwork – an often overlooked but crucial business aspect.

This is the reason you don’t need to worry

We believe that to remain ahead of the curve, corporations must innovate and adapt. To this end, we have assembled a team of game-changers who inspire teams around the globe. From TikTok to SAP, we offer solutions that deliver results for our customers.

Come visit our Virtual Office

No registration, no set-up, just jump in and try the tool yourself.

When you click the button to visit our teamazing Virtual Office, you’ll be redirected to a designated area where you can explore our solutions at your own pace. However, if you need assistance or would like a virtual office tour, simply step to the door and one of our team members will be there to help you.


We offer a tailored remote workspace solution that can be customized to suit your specific needs. Additionally, we help onboard your team members and provide support to establish an effective remote work culture within your organization. Learn more about our services.

We use Gather Town as our primary tool for creating virtual environments. This software provider has transformed dull virtual meetings into engaging and interactive experiences, while also ensuring reliability and security to provide a great working environment.

We have several clients who previously relied on MS Teams for virtual meetings, but now use Gather Town in conjunction with it or as a standalone solution. Many have found Gather Town to be a more engaging and effective option for creating virtual environments.

With a virtual office, you can enhance your remote work, as it gives you more variety for communication and interaction with your co-workers. Especially, though gathering departments located in different areas, you are able to work in the same office with each other.

Our virtual office allows you to customize its appearance to suit your preferences. We offer a variety of templates to choose from, including options that resemble a spaceship, a cruise-ship, or a traditional office. Depending on your needs, we can incorporate office furniture, couches, a kitchen, and other items to create the desired atmosphere.

We offer extensive personalization options for Gather Town. You can select from our pre-existing templates or provide us with images to create a custom design that matches your desired aesthetic. Furthermore, we can incorporate your company’s logo to brand your virtual office and make it uniquely yours.

Our virtual office is designed with numerous real-world features and practical solutions that your team will find useful and love. We’ve created an interesting article about Gather Town and the use of a Virtual Office.

We offer a free coffee-talk session where we can discuss your needs in detail, answer any questions you may have, and plan the next steps if you’re interested. During this session, we can also explore potential solutions for your virtual workspace needs, as well as give you tips for your setup.

Gather Town is free for up to 10 people. If you have more than 10 users, there is a monthly fee. However, as one of Gather’s Ambassadors, we are able to offer discounts when you book with us.

Simple, individual but transparent pricing:

Our packages are tailored to your team size and start at a one-time fee of €3000/$3000. Each package includes 15 hours of coaching time, a fully prepared remote workspace, onboarding space or virtual office, and complete implementation support facilitated by our team.

We also offer individual setup or individual space creation where we estimate the costs, propose a solution, and implement it after your approval. This option is tailored to your specific needs and requirements.