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Rules and Values Online Workshop

Self-awareness strengthens confidence and reveals new potential. Teams and organizations can use this effect to their advantage.

  • Strengthen the common feeling of togetherness
  • Foster individual potential fully
  • Create a shared set of values and make them visible

Everyone has personal values that influence the way they lead their everyday lives. When most of our values overlap with someone else’s, the foundation for a harmonious cooperation is given. However, complete alignment is not the goal. But the current similarities as well as the desired values should be kept in mind. This way, a clear orientation can be provided for everyone. A mutual understanding of the team’s individual ideas and values promotes empathy. The formulation of concrete rules makes these values visible and creates a clear framework. Within this framework, new potential can be discovered.

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This is how the workshop proceeds

Participation instead of a whiteboard session.

Our Background

In our workshops, we combine scientific insights with passion. Fundamental findings from social sciences form the basis of our work. Works by Barry Posner et al. demonstrate that clearly defined values within a team have a significant impact on employees’ work attitudes and organizational performance. Eric Goodman et al.’s research also highlights the positive relationship between a team’s cultural values and professional engagement and job satisfaction. In our workshops, we integrate these findings with modern methodologies and an authentic spirit. “Lecture-style presentations” are foreign to us.

The Agenda

Every workshop at teamazing starts with an energizer, a short exercise to energize and motivate the participants. We like to use fun and unconventional methods. In the main part of the workshop, we value participation and innovative methods to facilitate sustainable insights. Sufficient space for exchange and reflection creates a rounded conclusion to the workshop.

The Content

Mit modernen und partizipativen Methoden erarbeiten wir gemeinsam bedeutungsvolle Werte und Regeln für die Zusammenarbeit im Team, um das volle Potential jedes Einzelnen zu entfalten. Dabei schaffen wir ein gemeinsames Verständnis und Erkenntnisse über die unterschiedlichen Interpretationen der Werte. Wir geben euch die Werkzeuge an die Hand, um nachhaltige Veränderungen zu bewirken. Besonderen Wert legen wir auf Transfersicherung, damit das Gelernte auch langfristig in die Praxis umgesetzt wird.

The Invisible Glue: Why Values in Teams and Organizations are Crucial for Success

Values serve as a shared foundation upon which teams and organizations are built. They help define clear goals and establish a positive organizational culture. However, when values are neglected, conflicts and misunderstandings can arise, leading to a poor work environment and ineffective collaboration. Overall, values act as the “invisible glue” that holds a team or organization together and enables success.

Companies have defined values that are intended to reflect their organizational culture. However, these values are not taken seriously or considered in the way of working. This is a sign that the values have not been appropriately defined. Values have a strong influence on the way of working and the interactions within teams and organizations.

When values are not lived, various internal problems can arise within the team and the organization:

  1. Lack of motivation: When employees feel that the company’s values are not being observed, it can decrease motivation and engagement.
  2. Lack of collaboration: If the company’s values are not clearly defined or known, it can lead to ineffective teamwork.
  3. Conflicts and misunderstandings: When values are not clearly communicated or upheld, it can result in conflicts and misunderstandings within the team or between departments.
  4. Negative organizational culture: A culture that is not based on values can make employees feel uncomfortable or perceive the company as unfair or unjust.
  5. Reputational damage: If a company does not uphold its values, it can lead to a loss of trust among employees, which can ultimately impact the company’s reputation and employer brand.

Our participatory workshop can help you address the mentioned challenges and take important steps towards creating a supportive and inclusive work environment. We create clarity by collaboratively developing a meaningful value system that is suitable for your team and organization. It is important for us to involve all employees in the process to ensure that the values are genuinely lived in the way of working. For the implementation of the values, we jointly define guidelines that serve as a framework for good collaboration. This forms the basis for unleashing the full potential of all employees.

We can achieve this together

  • Setting a shared value system
  • Defining derived rules as a framework for good collaboration
  • Resolving tensions within the team and identifying potentials
  • Improving team dynamics and building trust Increasing motivation and commitment of each individual

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Poor Communication implications

A Great Place to Work analyses clearly show that companies that excel in metrics such as trust, values, and leadership effectiveness are more productive and happier.

"Thank you once again for the enjoyable afternoon with you. I have received some positive feedback about the online team-building activities, and we had a relaxing time. The more playful and creative tasks were the perfect change of pace from our project-driven work routine and everyone enjoyed them."

Nina BratanDirector Marketing | AlphaPet Ventures GmbH

"Very friendly communication beforehand, a well-thought-out concept, and even during the times of Corona, it was a very exciting and fun experience - thank you very much!"

Carina WeberHR Manager Austria & Switzerland | ALD Automotive Österreich

"Two hours of pure fun. Non-stop laughter. Cool team leaders, an amazing group - highly recommended!"

Simon ReindHead Of Sales | Marry Icetea

A third of employees are unable to unleash their full potential in their jobs, leading to untapped human capital.

The relentless pursuit of higher productivity, faster results, and constant progress often drives many management levels to overlook the full potential of their workforce. It is unfortunate when it becomes evident that employees’ full potential remains untapped.

Company values are the fundamental beliefs upon which the company and its employees are built. When meaningful values are defined and implemented within the company and its teams, it enables effective collaboration. Collaboration based on shared values allows employees to unleash their potential, which in turn can lead to team success. Values also influence the culture of a company. According to Edgar H. Schein’s model of organizational culture (1995), culture has three levels of visibility. The essence of culture, as Schein suggests, lies in its basic assumptions that are hidden beneath a surface of artifacts and espoused values. Companies with a strong organizational culture have, according to Forbes, up to 72% higher employee engagement than those with misaligned culture. A strong organizational culture also increases employee satisfaction and productivity.

Defining shared values within teams and the company to unlock the potential of each individual is not just a New Work trend or “Feel Good Management.” We know that it is the competitive advantage that every organization can enhance. In our workshops, we create clarity and understanding of the existing potential.

Company values are important because they serve as guiding principles, shaping behavior and decision-making within the organization. They contribute to the development of a positive organizational culture and align employees with the company’s mission and goals. Values provide a framework for decision-making, enhance the company’s brand identity, and build trust with stakeholders. Ultimately, values create a purpose-driven and successful organization.

Company values are the core beliefs and principles that guide the behavior, actions, and decision-making of an organization and its employees. They represent the fundamental ideals and ethical standards that the company upholds. Company values can vary but often include concepts such as integrity, teamwork, innovation, customer focus, accountability, diversity, sustainability, and excellence. These values reflect the organization’s identity, culture, and desired way of operating, serving as a compass for employees and shaping the organization’s interactions with stakeholders. When effectively communicated and embraced, company values can foster a positive work environment, drive alignment, and contribute to the long-term success of the organization.

Company values are essential as they guide behavior, shape organizational culture, and define expectations for employees. They foster employee engagement, motivation, and job satisfaction, attracting and retaining talent. Values also influence the organization’s reputation and stakeholder relationships. Moreover, they provide a moral compass for ethical decision-making. In summary, company values are crucial for creating a positive work environment and driving long-term success.

A values workshop is held to help individuals and teams define, clarify, and align with the core values of an organization. It provides a dedicated space to explore and discuss values, understand their importance, and connect them to individual and collective behavior. The workshop allows participants to actively engage in the process of identifying and shaping values, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment. It promotes a shared understanding and agreement on values, enhancing teamwork, collaboration, and a positive work culture. Additionally, a values workshop can address any existing misalignment or challenges related to values, and help bridge gaps for better organizational cohesion and effectiveness.

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