Retrospective mindset online workshop: How setback can help you grow

Retrospective thinking is an important method to ensure continuous improvement. It creates a common understanding of what is going well and where there might still is room for improvement.

  • Find positives and establish a common understanding.
  • Discuss topics and define influential potentials.
  • Brainstorm possible solution ideas, prioritize them and initiate the implementation process.

One is always wiser in hindsight. As a method of reflection and improvement, retrospective thinking is ideal for learning from setbacks. Participants are invited to consider their thinking patterns and decide which ones are positive and which ones may need improvement. Then, everyone shares their thoughts to establish a common understanding. Where there is potential, we will seek out methods to foster it. These measures will be further developed, starting with the ones that are the most effective and easy to implement. Finally, a model for the implementation of the most pressing measures will be developed.

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