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Virtual Employee Engagement Games, Activities & Ideas

It’s not always easy to stay engaged with your team.

If you’re looking for some games, activities, or ideas to help keep your virtual employees engaged and happy, we’ve got you covered!

Here are our top 5 ideas:

1) Set up a weekly game night where everyone plays their favorite board game.

2) Host a weekly trivia competition where people can win prizes.

3) Have a monthly “bring your pet to work day” where everyone brings their dog or cat to the office!

4) Have a monthly “bring your favorite snack” day where everyone brings treats from home.

5) Every month take turns hosting a company-wide event focused on celebrating one employee per month.

Or let us do the work, we have great games designed for your team:

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These games are designed to engage your employees

You have the option of a wide range of different games. Feel inspired or let us figure out what’s best for your Team.

There are also some free activities you could like

We’ve curated a large list of Online Team Activities to engage your staff.

Five Clicks Away

Five Clicks Away is a fun game played with wikipedia. You’ve heard right, it’s a little difficult to get started with, but it’s really fun when playing with a team.
Time 15 – 60 minutes
Requirements Video Conferencing Tool of your choice.
Browser for Wikipedia
How To Before you can start, set a starting topic and an ending topic. A starting and ending page could be anything wikipedia has to offer. For example, the starting point is the wikipedia article about KingKong and your endpoint should be the wikipedia article about Mount Everest.Each player starts on the set starting point. The goal is to reach the ending point with no more than five clicks. No typing allowed.
Get the link Wikipedia
Variation A great variation is to play this game in a team of five, where you battle other teams. Decide together on where to click and count the number of clicks needed to get to the end point. The team with the least amount of clicks wins.

Geoguessr Game

Geoguessr is really fun and a great game to play as a team building activity. It encourages communication and coordination when played in Teams.
Time 30 – 60 minutes
Requirements Video Conferencing Tool of your choice.
Paid Geogussr Team Account
How To Create a Geogussr Pro Team Account (starting at 39,99€ for small teams). Invite other Team Members and play together.

Players are placed at a location marker on a zoomable map. After the placed marker is submitted as a guess, GeoGuessr reveals the true geographic location and assigns the player a score depending on how far away the player’s guess was from the true location

Get the link GeoGuessr – Let’s explore the world!
Variation There are many different challenges online. We recommend dividing participants into smaller groups of four/five and let them discuss and guess as a Team.

Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes

You’re alone in a room with a bomb, your teammate has the info you need to defuse it. A fun and thrilling game to play with your Team online.
Time 30 – 60 minutes
Requirements Video Conferencing Tool of your choice.
Browser or Smartphone.
At least one paid “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes” Version
How To There are two roles. The “Defuser” is alone in a room with a virtual bomb. The other players are “Experts”, they have the manual needed to defuse it. But the Experts can’t see the bomb, so everyone will need to talk it out – fast!

The one who wants to play the Defuser needs a paid Version of the Game for PC or Smartphone. The Experts only need the “Bomb Defusal Manual” which you can download for free on the website.

Get the link Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes – How to Play Remotely (keeptalkinggame.com)Free Alternative similar to “Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes”: Escape the BOOM! (escape-the-boom.com)

Powerpoint Karaoke

Ever given a presentation you’ve had no idea of. What sounds like a teens school nightmare is a fun game to play. It’s a game that tests your skills, gets people laughing, and keeps everyone wondering what will happen next. Present in groups to make it a great team exercise.
Time 10 minutes per group/presenter
Requirements Video conferencing tool of your choice
How To The game consists of three simple rules:

  • The presenter is not allowed to see the slides before presenting.
  • The presenter must deliver each slide in succession without skipping any slides.
  • The presentation ends when all slides have been presented, or after six minutes (whichever comes first).

Choose the presenters, share the screen and let the magic happen.

Use pre-made presentations or create your own. The stranger the topic the more challenging it gets.

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