Gather Town has been a popular choice for remote teams looking to improve their online dynamic, but it’s not the only option out there. Especially during the latest free-tier reduction to 10 seats. In this article, we’ll take a look at the best Gather Town alternatives, each with its own unique features and capabilities (read our Gather Town Review here). is still the number one virtual collaboration solution for companies. Despite the latest pricing changes, reducing the number of free seats from 25 to 10 Gather stays competitive. And we have a great way for you to save 10% on every annual subscription.

Gather Town Alternatives

We took a look at seven alternatives, each one with unique strengths and weaknesses.

The most similar one is the Korean answer and the most similar alternative to Gather. Many features, maybe a little too playful. Looks good at the first glance, but also shows some usability flaws.

  • Free & pay with ZEM
  • mostly free

    You can purchase addition items with in-game credits

    • Usage is generally free
    • You pay for extras & cosmetics


img-16 Free to use, more playful, but with similar features.

img-17 A lot of prebuild spaces, games and more.


img-18 Lacking translations & low performance.

img-19 Maybe too playful and game like, hard to start.

In good company

Topia does a good portion of what Gather does. Map building, video collaboration… Different look, fresh customizable comic style. Not as smooth, but definitely worth a re-freshing try.

  • Demo
  • free up to 10 user

    • Unlimited spaces
    • Unlimited features

  • Community
  • 100$ for 20 user/month

    +5$ for each additional user

    • Unlimited spaces
    • Unlimited features


img-25 Cool look and all features ready.

img-26 Customizable maps, easy set-up.


img-27 Mapmaker is just image upload, no borders or other objects.

img-28 Needs a lot more performance, sometime a little jerky.

The paid alternative


SpatialChat follows a similar approach than Gather. It offers a customizable spaces and avatars for remote workspaces. There are some additional features for conferences and live events.

  • Free-Plan
  • free up to 5 user

    • 1 free space
    • 3 rooms

  • Monthly Plan
  • 6$ per user/month

    • Up to 10 spaces
    • Private spaces
    • Up to 5 meeting recordings

  • Event Plan
  • 100$ per 50 user/day

    • Up to 10.000 user
    • 1 team space
    • 200 rooms per space


img-34 A reasonable alternative to Gather Town for communication-based purposes

img-35 Modern looking Gather to hold networking events with groups of different sizes


img-36 Not much cheaper than Gather with 6$.

img-37 Gamification of space not as good compared to Gather.

The self-hosted alternative


WorkAdventure is a great self-hosted open-source Gather alternative (Here is the Github). Like Gather it is a web-based collaborative workspace presented in the form of a 16-bit video game. The features are very similar. The only downside, no updates and you have to run it on your own.

  • Self-hosted
  • unlimited users

    • Unlimited spaces
    • No other limitations

  • Free Plan
  • free for up to 15 user

    • Unlimited spaces
    • No other limitations

  • Monthly Premium
  • 15€ per user/month

    • Unlimited spaces
    • No other limitations
    • Premium features


img-43 Free and unlimited for up to 15 user or with the self-hosted version.

img-44 Very similar to Gather, with well-know features.


img-45 Some premium features are missing on the free and self-hosted version.

img-46 General experience similar but not as good compared to

The more basic one


HyHyve is a competitor that focuses on a more simple approach. You can create custom venues, the conferences or virtual offices very fast and easy. Easy set-up & standard maps. No custom map generation out-of-the-box but GDPR compliant.

  • Free Plan
  • 200 video minutes per month

    • 1 space
    • Standard Map

  • Paid Plan
  • 0.03€ per video-minute

    • Unlimited spaces
    • Standard Map


img-52 Fast to get started.

img-53 GDPR compliant.


img-54 Weak free version, 200 minutes is used up pretty quick (6min per day)

img-55 No individual maps.

The first metaverse attempt


Spot takes on the 3D metaverse approach. With free unlimited user you are able to try the experience yourself. Downsides no HD video on free versions and needs an installation on your pc/mac.

  • Free
  • unlimited people

    • Pre-build spaces
    • Unlimited rooms

  • Growth
  • 10$/user/month

    • Fully customizable spaces
    • HD audio & video


img-61 Something new and fun.

img-62 Good ways to interact + use of video chat.


img-63 Needs an installation.

img-64 Not as customizable.

The second metaverse attempt


VRPark takes on the same approach. First thought, impressive. The 3D style collaboration tool takes the first attempt to a real metaverse. The only downside, no video conferencing integration, needs an installation and requires performant hardware.

  • Private Team Suites
  • for 1 – 200 people

    • individual pricing

  • Private Park
  • for 100 – 25k people

    • individual pricing


img-70 Impressive approach.

img-71 Cool new ways to interact and make the world more immersive.


img-72 Needs an installation and lacks performance on weaker devices.

img-73 Unknown pricing, only individual quotes.

Consider this before using Gather


SoWork is an excellent alternative to Gather, offering a sophisticated 3D appearance and a plethora of clever features that make it a strong contender on par with its competitor.

  • Free
  • Unlimited user

    • Limited space

  • Premium
  • 12$/user/month

    • Many cool extra feature
    • Unlimited office space


img-79 Free for larger teams.

img-80 Usefull features (Meeting recordings, Broadcast) in premium version.


img-81 Not as many individualization options.

img-82 Office size on free version is limited.