With the perfect choreography to the Challenge victory

This is what happens during Team Music Clip 

In this adventure building task, you have the chance to prove to the whole world (or at least to the other teams) that you are the most creative team that has ever shaken a leg on Mother Earth and that you can infect everyone with your energy. Go to the limits of your comfort zone to perform at your best in this task. Afterwards, all music videos can be presented at the award ceremony: May the most creative ideas win!

Use the music video as employer branding
As a bonus, you will receive a compilation of the individual music videos, which you can then use as an effective employer branding measure or for recruiting.

“I was quite surprised how quickly my colleagues got involved in the situation and the task. Despite the previous uncertainty, all inhibitions quickly fell away and we all had only one goal: to shoot the best music video ever. During brainstorming we came up with some good ideas, so that we are really proud of our clip!”

Jennifer PrinzAdministration | AIM Software

Team Music Clip is a task of the team or city challenge

  • Task type
    🎽 Sporty & Active
  • Experience factor
    😁 Fun
  • Team Training
    🎨 Creativity 👑 Leadership ✅ Decision making
  • Location
    🏡 Indoor or Outdoor

Choose three to eight suitable tasks from 25 different adventure building tasks. Each task lasts 30 minutes and is completed by all teams of five people in a circle. You don’t have to worry about the venue – we will come directly to your company location or we can also carry out the Team Challenge at one of our partner locations.

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