How about leaving the suit in the closet and the professionalism in the office at your next company event, and instead celebrate with a motto that will be remembered forever? “Make the event memorable” – With one of our corporate party themes, your next team event will be a memorable success.


Let’s get crazy! Who wants to go to work in a suit and tie anymore? In the age of millennials, casual hipster chíc should (be allowed to) be standard in every office. But if the industry still doesn’t allow for that much casualness, you can always fall back on internal exceptions to give your employees’ creative sense of style free rein. So what better occasion to put your colleagues’ willingness to experiment and have fun to the test than at a theme party? Oh yes: The next company party will have a lot to offer – with the following theme ideas, your event will have memory potential!

The best thing about our ideas: We have come up with extra themes that are not yet “worn out” – after all, people can’t and don’t want to hear mottos like “beach party”, “flower power”, “80ies” and “white party” anymore. So your team can’t just get the Halloween costume out of the basement, but has to show some brains to prove themselves in front of the others. Fun that you want to expose yourself to. Let’s go!

6 Fancy corporate party themes

1st theme idea: Forgotten childhood dreams

What did you always want to be when you were little? Astronaut or prima ballerina? A singer or a dinosaur researcher? With this theme, childhood dreams may finally come true! Let’s see how many of our colleagues turn out to be what they are today: Software programmers, logisticians and the like can stay at home for once.


2nd motto idea: The year 0

When was your company founded? THAT is the motto of your company party! Whether it’s 2000, 2017 or 1923, this event will take you back to the year it was founded and pay homage to it. What was fashion like back then, what were the trends? Which events made history, who was in the headlines? What new songs came out and what movies became hits? Go wild, there’s a lot to explore!


3rd theme idea: Random facts

Here, the darkest forbidden hobbies and most secret sins of your team will be revealed: Who are these people really? What keeps them busy outside the workplace? Be prepared to see a whole new side of your team: Peter is a tournament fencer, Jule is addicted to pistachios and Steve collects empty smoothie bottles. What’s your secret random fact? Nothing will remain undiscovered here, and new friendships are guaranteed in addition to plenty of conversation.


4th theme idea: Heroes & Villains

A tribute to Marvel & DC – but not only! Besides Superman and Hulk, it would also be quite exciting to uncover the hidden superpowers and wishful abilities of the colleagues. Maybe Susan dreams of being able to read minds or Ferdinand secretly plans to take over the world. The point here is to show as much power (good or bad) as possible: And to fill the event location with action, ambition and a fat portion of courage. Yes!


5th theme idea: Back to the future

What does the world look like in 2100? What do you look like in 2050? What will be in the newspaper the day after tomorrow? Forecasts, assumptions and predictions: Whatever your team has in mind for everything that happens after today – we want to know. Maybe entire departments have aged years at the party, maybe others will show up in 100% biodegradable bamboo dresses, maybe others will have their flying scooters parked out front. Maybe someone will arrive as a big black hole that swallowed the earth or the only surviving robot with an integrated human brain. Whatever is in store for in the future – here you’ll get a chance to speculate about it!


6th theme idea: The Great Gatsby

For all of you who prefer something classic: A 20s revival! But chic please, very very chic. So if you just show up in a smocking, you haven’t gone far enough. The twenties were full of gossip and humid clichés, measles epidemics, the economic boom, the image of the new woman, the car as a consumer good… a lot happened that goes beyond Charleston and flapper hat. Uncover it!

Go all-in!

No matter what you choose (even the classics can be a lot of fun): It’s important that you put a lot of thought into the decoration, the right amount of motivation for your colleagues and the search for a suitable location – nothing is worse than a half-heartedly implemented theme party where not even the boss feels like dressing up. Make the theme of the party a constant topic even before the event: How about funny memes and sayings via email or posters on the toilet door? This will get the team’s anticipation flowing and the dress-up ideas bubbling up.

Just in case you’re thinking about an online party, we are experts in virtual event hosting!