Workshop: Back from Crisis

Full power back! What went well in the crisis and what are we taking with us? Together we find ways to strengthen our innovative strength despite budget cuts, home office, tensions and fears for the future.

#comebackstronger #paretoprinzip #resilienz

Workshop "Back from Crisis" - Back with full energy!

Get the maximum out of what is given. In order to be able to know what is important and what is unimportant, the first part of the workshop introduces a structured reflection and a joint evaluation of opportunities. Subsequently, the topics with the highest potential will be discussed – these can be

  • How do you manage to be future-oriented or innovative despite budget cuts, home office or tensions?
  • How can the possibility of teleworking be integrated in order to take advantage of all the benefits and mitigate risks?
  • How does Remote Leadership work in our team?
  • What should change in terms of error culture and knowledge management?
  • Have new products or strategies emerged that now need to be integrated into the existing business process?