Workshop: The Agile Leadership Mindset

This workshop will raise awareness of the current paradigm shift in the world of work: employees are no longer guided by instructions, but supported by coaching and mentoring.

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The Agile Leadership Mindset

Agility is not a science, but must be filled with life! The modern working world is changing rapidly and a corresponding management style must be able to adapt to this. Modern leadership is therefore justified in all industries, companies and team constellations – not only in the IT sector. Our workshop format “The Agile Leadership Mindset” is designed to develop agile basic principles for leadership with managers, but also with employees. We ask participants the following questions, for example:

  1. What does agility mean?
  2. How do I understand my role as a leader?
  3. What basic values do I represent as a manager and do I demand from my employees?
  4. How can I enable and support self-organisation?

There is no generally valid agile leadership concept! Therefore, it is important in the workshop that the participants exchange and critically reflect on their own needs and individual ideas regarding their leadership tasks. Afterwards, the team establishes common basic values of leadership and gives their commitment to them. Agile procedures and methods can be applied in almost every company – the task of the leadership team is to find out what these are and how we can implement them in a valuable way.