Workshop: Creating orientation together

Success is the increasing realization of a self-defined goal. Let us therefore set common goals, which we can always orientate ourselves by, in order to ultimately achieve success together.

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Team values & mission statements create orientation

The best teams are created when the members have committed themselves to the same team and company values and to a common vision. A concrete mission statement brings transparency and security to management, employees and the external environment, which in turn leads to trust. In the participatory workshop “Creating Orientation”, your team will develop its own personal corporate values and visions. These questions are in the foreground:

  1. Who are we and why?
  2. What is typical, special and unique about us?
  3. What is important to us in our cooperation?

Rules, values, mission statements, goals & visions are the central tools to bring a team to top performance. They create clear frameworks for action and promote the integrity of all team members. In addition, they provide inspiration for the future and make employees believe in something “bigger”.