Workshop: "Talk to me, baby!"

In the workshop for better communication in a team, participants reflect on their communication style and train effective discussion techniques for working cooperatively with colleagues and customers.

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Workshop team communication

One thing is certain: the way a team communicates with each other is the key factor for success. That’s why we focus – under the motto “Talk to me, baby!” – your team’s internal communications. In this workshop the participants critically examine their own communication behaviour. For example, the following initial questions can be in the foreground:

  1. How do I communicate comprehensibly? How do I understand my counterpart?
  2. Which methods can support our communication?
  3. How do I give constructive feedback?

Daily life related role plays or exercises make current potentials, weaknesses and strengths visible and can support the transfer into the working environment. Participants reflect on their communication style and practice giving feedback to their colleagues. The aim of the “Talk to me, baby” workshop is to build up mutual trust and create the basis for cooperative communication in the team.