Workshop: Team building extended

During your Team Challenge you could collect not only exciting highlights but also memorable memories. But what exactly happens to the valuable experiences about yourself, your colleagues and as a team? In this workshop you will reflect on what you have experienced and bring your gained experiences into everyday life transfer.

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Workshop format: Team building extended

Only reflection makes teambuilding a sustainable and effective measure of personnel development. In this workshop, participants will discuss possible parallels between the everyday challenges of a team and the playful experiences of the previous Team-Challenge. The different experience building tasks offer a lasting memory anchor, which makes the learned material even more memorable.

In Team building extended, the participants work through the following two questions in a participatory workshop:

  1. Which behaviour did we show during the experience building tasks?
  2. What do we learn from this for our everyday work and leadership?

The transfer of what has been learned is thus made possible and changes defined in advance can be achieved. Our trainers are able to trigger the necessary reflection and transfer processes in the participants. The combination of challenge and workshop balances the experience and the processing and working with it.