Workshop: Make a change

Cultural work is one of the most important tasks of a team and its managers. The problem with this is that culture is always just a result of the way people work together and cannot be simply defined and put over a team.

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Making a difference with cultural work!

The workshop gives participants the opportunity to understand culture and cultural change in its meaning. The group defines what motivates them in their daily work and analyses the current corporate culture. Afterwards it is worked out where we want to go and which steps are necessary to achieve this. From this, instruments and methods are developed that are helpful for a motivating team culture. In the workshop, the group will work out how cultural work can be used as a leadership instrument or as a team spirit filling station. If the team has a common “purpose”, the team members motivate and focus on each other. It is important to think of cultural work as a long-term process (often over several years). The workshop “Make a change” provides the impetus for this and makes all participants take responsibility.