What is Online Team Building?

Online team building describes the virtual (via cell phone/computer) bringing together of different people and team building to make the best use of each individual’s skills and abilities to achieve common goals.

Team building describes the first step of team building, where different people with mostly different values, views and experiences meet, who often don’t know each other yet or not that well. The goal here is not for them to become best friends, but for them to work well together as a team. Popular team building formats include feedback rounds, coaching sessions, seminars and, above all, joint activities outside the workplace (e.g. raft building).

At the latest since the Corona crisis, where a large proportion of people were sent to the home office, online team building has become an important tool for building or maintaining team spirit and team cohesion within a company. But also for teams that generally work remotely and are scattered all over the world, online team building is a great solution.

What does team building mean?

The social component

Employees are known to be a company’s most valuable asset, which is precisely why a well-functioning team is also the basic prerequisite for corporate success. But what happens when team members can no longer see each other every day in the office, exchange ideas over a cup of coffee, or go out for a bite to eat or a drink after work? During the Corona crisis, many companies experienced first-hand the difficulties and challenges of managing remote teams and the importance of communication in this situation. Communication should happen transparently, effectively and regularly. However, optimal communication also requires trust among each other. In a well-functioning, cohesive team, communication also works better, which in turn increases productivity/effectiveness in the company.

Valuable outcomes in online team building

  • Getting to know each other
  • Promote internal communication
  • Strengthen team spirit & trust
  • Strengthen work motivation
  • Increase identification with the company
  • Increase fun factor & well-being
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