What is a Human Resources department?

The Human Resources department is the department within a company that is the point of contact for all personnel matters – both for managers and employees.

Personnel management or human resources management, essentially has the task of deploying and promoting workers in such a way as to achieve the desired corporate success.

Tasks of personnel management

  • Personnel planning

This refers to the targeted, qualification-dependent deployment of employees with regard to the desired success of the company.

  • Recruitment

Recruitment is the process of ensuring sufficient staff, and in the absence of such, internal recruiting, as well as applicant management.

  • Staff deployment and personnel management

This refers to the planning of work location and time (from the time of joining the company until the time of leaving), as well as work processes.

  • Human Resources Development

This refers to various further education and training measures for personnel or even internal position or department changes.

  • Charge Management

Monthly payrolls also fall under the purview of human resources management.

  • Controlling

Controlling refers to the control and optimization, as well as the management of all personnel-related processes.

In order to be able to carry out these tasks properly, the Human Resources Department needs to be set up.