Christmas Chain Reaction

Remember the nostalgic “Domino Day”? Create a chain reaction that puts the original to shame.

And this is how it works

After a Christmas themed energizer, teams of 5 will be formed. The goal of the teams is to build a cross-site chain reaction, of which we will then make a video. In order to achieve this goal, all participants will build their own chain reaction at home. They can use anything they find, but it is important that the individual reactions are logically connected. For example, one reaction ends with toilet paper rolling from the left to the right through the screen, which should also be the start of your teammates reaction. The final results of the chain reactions are then presented at the grand final at the end of the event. Learn more about our virtual Christmas Party!

What you need for this

A laptop/computer, a webcam, a microphone and a stable internet connection are required. Participation via smartphone or tablet is possible in principle, but not optimal.

Pricing Overview

ℹ️ Please note: prices depend on chosen length and the exact number of participants. The shown prices should give you a good overview of our price range.

  • 5 Participants
  • 499$
  • 25 Participants
  • 799$
  • 50 Participants
  • 1.299$
  • 100 Participants
  • 2.499$

Experience the difference

Agile Teamwork in a fun way

180 Minutes

Agile working

Game solvable only as a team

Rousing moderation

All tools included

100% Online

Agile Teamwork in a fun way

The Christmas Chain Reaction is fun and trains team skills at the same time. During the challenge the requirements are constantly changing, which makes it more exciting for the participants throughout the game. In the process, teams must make difficult decisions, such as which requirements to implement. Later in the game, the requirements are scored with points. In this way, we create an analogy to everyday work life, because the scored points represent customer needs. This agile way of working gives the team advantages in completion and thus victory.

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