Paperclip Challenge

Be the greatest paperclip tycoon of all time. Work together and save the world.

That’s how it’s done

After a warmup and some instructions, we split the team into smaller groups of five. Your task is to become the greatest paperclip tycoon of all time. Produce paperclips by working together in a browser-based management game. Each team elects a coordinator: this person is responsible for the communication between productions. Every other participant manages the production facility, organizes resources, and learns new production techniques. In order to learn from each other in the best possible way, the team needs to share their knowledge and experience. Decide on investments and grow your company to a paperclip giga factory. Your ultimate goal is to cure cancer, create world peace and produce 100 million paperclips. Elon would be proud of you.

What you need for this

To participate, your teammates require a laptop/computer, a webcam, a microphone, and of course a stable internet connection. Even if there is the possibility to join using a tablet or mobile device, it is not recommended as they are limited by function.

Pricing Overview

ℹ️ Please note: prices depend on chosen length and the exact number of participants. The shown prices should give you a good overview of our price range.

  • 5 Participants
  • 649$
  • 25 Participants
  • 999$
  • 50 Participants
  • 1.649$
  • 100 Participants
  • 2.999$

Experience the difference

Fun and team training at the same time

120 - 150 minutes

Train team work

Games designed for teams

Thrilling moderation

All tools included

Completely online

Effective team training and fun at the same time

The browser-based game is an award-winning concept that stands out for its fun gameplay. Through our adaptation and extension as a team game, it gets a strong focus on leadership and communication training in the aspect of remote teamwork.

Managers and employees learn about the significance and effects of information asymmetries through their own experience. The teams intuitively develop solutions to avoid them. Very often, these solutions can then be transformed into everyday work.


See everything in action and experience why many triple A companies choose us.