Virtual Kick-Off: Boost motivation from the start

Just like a football team ready to storm onto the field, your team will be prepared for the task ahead. This way, each team member is already working in a goal-orientated and motivated manner right from the beginning.

  • Establish meaning and urgency at an individual level.
  • Paint a joint picture of the future.
  • Conspire to work towards goals.

If a project or financial year is particularly important, we recommend scheduling a kick-off event. The kick-off functions as a starting point, so achieving the set goals right at the beginning is more likely. This works especially well with larger teams. The main purpose should be that all participants are on the same page about the start of the project, regarding the purpose, urgency, resources, milestones and goals. This prevents misunderstandings and issues regarding motivation and commitment from arising. This way, a smoother implementation can be achieved. Kick-off events are also helpful for employees new to the company since they are directly integrated into the team structure and gain a feeling of togetherness.