Virtual is not boring!

Celebrating Christmas virtually – Can you think of anything better? You are sitting at home alone with your laptop by your side. It just feels like any another boring online-meeting. No participation, just listening silently to the voice of the party host. That is not how you would picture a real Christmas party!

But wait! It does not always have to be like this: With teamazing you can celebrate Christmas virtually with the same enthusiasm and experience, as you are used to from offline Christmas parties. The celebration is filled with fun games, one or more drinks and everything else, which is necessary to have a great night of celebration.

But before we’ll take a closer look at how teamazing makes this possible, we would like to share some prejudices about virtual Christmas parties with you, that we are able to put aside:

  1. The Christmas party will just be like any other online meeting:

Imagine: You are sitting in front of your laptop and the Christmas party host is going through one bullet point after another. That is not comparable to a real Christmas party, isn’t it? The fun, the get to gather and the conversation with the colleagues is missing! Which leaves out the most important and fun part of a party – the interaction with colleagues – and that won’t be cured by Christmas themed slides and songs.

  1. No chatting with fellow colleagues:

Attending to a Christmas party and not seeing anyone’s faces, does not set the feeling of community and connection free. This important emotion is often lost by celebrating Christmas virtually. At least you can occasionally hear one of your colleagues talking, but you are never even getting close to a real conversation, because of the huge meeting room with its tons of people in it.

  1. The most boring part of the celebration, but online:

Sometimes you need to pinch yourself, to wake up again to follow the monotonous voice of the moderator. No one listens actively. You can only hope for the celebration to be over soon, to jump into the nicer part of the evening – after work hours. Most of the time, the presentation of what goals the company reached, is worked off. The fun interactive part of the virtual Christmas Party – the chatting and drinking – is often totally missed out.

  1. Games, that everyone is fed up with:

If you get the opportunity to play games during your virtual Christmas party, you almost always play the same ones, which you can’t even hear about anymore. Examples are “Who is Who” or “Activity”. Through this, the participation and motivation to play is contained. You often have to stop playing after a few rounds due to the low involvement.

  1. Unmotivated and unprepared party hosts:

The party hosts prepare a half-hearted Christmas celebration. Just a regular zoom-meeting, like any other business-talk – the rest of the agenda “will be figured out then”. Besides, the participants often have to combat technical issues, at which the hosts often can’t lead a helping hand due to their missing technical affinity. This does not contribute to the participants Christmas spirit.

  1. Yet in a meeting altogether, but still far apart:

To chat with your colleagues, is rather impossible, as the CEO is still talking about numbers and figures about the past business year. Most of the people, sitting behind the black squares have already found their way to the kitchen, cooking their dinner. Thus, chatting with your colleagues often falls by the wayside, although this is the greatest part of the whole celebration. How should good memories be created like this?

  1. Fun is lost on the wayside:

After a Christmas party you always have fun stories to tell. Through getting together with your fellow staff members, some fun things can happen, which will create amazing memories. This important part is missed by virtual Christmas parties, due to the one-sided presentation of the companies’ achievements. There is no possibility for the participants to chat with their colleagues, which means no memories to be discussed in the coffee corner the following days.

Celebrating Christmas virtually with teamazing is NOT like this! Boring is not an option for us. For teamazing fun is the most important part of any celebration. Through our motivated and well-trained staff members, a normal virtual Christmas party transforms into an unforgettable experience that people will keep talking about in the future.

Through exciting moderation and activating energizers at the beginning of the event, the participants will get motivated and excited for the upcoming Christmas Challenges which teamazing prepared – and we promise: Nobody will be bored this time! Another important thing to know about a teamazing Christmas party is that all games are self-made. This gives every participant the same starting point and no one is prejudiced about the games played. The overall goal is to improve teambuilding skills, to grow closer together as a company and make extraordinary memories.

And you can be sure that your teamazing virtual Christmas party will create memories that will last a lifetime!