Our Winter’s Tale: How we turned the tables

Admittedly, it’s a story we’re definitely very proud of. 2020 was a blast. As a founder, the hairs on the back of my neck still stand up when I think back to that moment in the office when we were watching the news on TV, anxious and excited at the same time: Corona is here. In the end, however, the year ended with a positive record and a new destiny for us.

A virus takes over the wheel

From 100 to 0 in just a few days. Because you can certainly imagine how a team-building agency has fared with the Covid-19-lockdown, we’ll leave it at the first sentence.

What you may not know is that we spent the first few weeks of the crisis sharing our know-how about online meetings with weekly Facebook live events, coming up with online teambuilding programs, and developing an online course on “leadership practice” for the Karl-Franzens University in Graz. Not enough to cover our costs. Therefore, we also had to go on short-time work. To keep our team spirit, we had regular movie classics in the evenings and a construction project during the day… We now have a 30m² wooden terrace in front of our office.

Then, after a hopeful summer, when the second wave was approaching, we had a momentous idea over coffee: virtual Christmas parties.

Winter's Tale - the way to the christmas parties

Saving Christmas

We had just 2 months from the idea to the start of the season. Within the first week the website was up and running, then all marketing & PR efforts were cranked up so that from week three we were flooded with requests. Day and night hundreds of offers were sent all over the world. In total over 700 pieces, which would have ended in chaos without our own workflow software “Joinpoints“.

Meanwhile, production was already in full swing. For example, we baked 18,000 gingerbread plates for the online gingerbread house challenge. And by the way, we also doubled the team, which meant that 9 new event managers had to be hired and trained. At the end of November, with contributions on ProSieben, ORF 1 & Puls4, numerous newspaper articles, nominations and radio interviews, it was then “rien ne va plus” – completely booked out. An unprecedented team spirit finally ensured that our feedback from 138 virtual Christmas parties for 10,000 people averaged 9.5 out of 10 points. Our customers are thrilled and we are reborn.

Online teambuilding with teamazing


We first became aware of the extent of our success when we received customer feedback. Not only are we currently the only company in the world that can launch several hundred breakout sessions within seconds and thus make online events with several thousand people amazingly interactive. No, we are also at the forefront in terms of fun and moderation. Our concept has worked 100% and the beauty of it is that we are no longer regionally restricted.

We celebrated with participants from all over the world

We celebrated with participants from all over the world

The new purpose

As the corona-induced digitalization push and with it some home office teams remain, companies will increasingly face new challenges. Currently, 200 people a day in Europe are looking for online team building. Our newly acquired customers from Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Ireland or the UK also reinforced this assumption by asking – of their own accord – for an encore after the Christmas party. In the midst of the Corona crisis, after a fabulous December, we are now also recording January as a record month with kick-off events. In February we celebrate Carnival and in March St. Patrick’s Day – all online. In addition, online teambuilding is cheaper and less time-consuming, so instead of once a year, we do something together once a month. Companies are increasingly realizing how important social interactions among employees and the “WE” feeling are in teleworking. In a survey conducted in our Remote Leadership Workshop, 39 percent said that team spirit was the most acute problem. Far behind, at 16 and 14 percent, came home office rules and control/trust in the home office. For all these problems, we have proven solutions that are also fun.


Current acute problems for leaders

Current acute problems for leaders

The most fun online team events in Europe

With references from world-leading companies such as Google, TikTok, PwC or Pfizer, there is only one goal for us: to inspire even more teams from all over Europe. Knowing that we have the best and most affordable solution for a strengthened team spirit, we step up to the plate and bring casual skier flair from Austria to European companies.


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