Play Werewolf online

Step-by-step Guide to Play Werewolf with your Team online via Zoom, Microsoft Teams & Webex.

Werewolf is a cool, easy and entertaining game to play with your team. To make it a great remote game, only a few tweaks are necessary. We’ve prepared some short instructions on how to play and more importantly on how to make it work via meeting software to play werewolf online.

1. Online Players

Werewolf is a great team game. You need at least 7 people to play.

An odd number of players works best, although it’s not mandatory.

2. Build the Character List

Every player needs a role. You always have 1 Moderator, 1 Seer and 2 Werewolves. The rest of the players should all be Villagers.

Have more than 15 players? Add a Werewolf for every 4 players.

2. Assign Characters

Every player should know what character they are without knowing what the other players are. The Moderator can assign roles by private messaging players.

Communication takes place via the chat. So be careful who you write to!

The game Characters


Werewolves have to eat all villagers to win.


As a villager, it is your task to expose the werewolves and restore peace.


She has two potions, one healing and one poisonous. She can use each one once. The healing potion brings the person killed by the werewolves back to life, the poison potion kills a fellow player.


She is allowed to ask for one identity of the teammates per night.


In the first round, Amor determines a pair of lovers. If one of the lovers dies, so does the other.



The mayor is the so-called game leader and is elected by the whole group. Afterwards, the game leader distributes the roles to the other players via private chat, which means he writes down for each person which role he has. At the same time, he writes down who has which role. As soon as everyone has received their role, the game begins with the first night.

Game target

The aim of the game is to eliminate all players on the opposing side. To achieve this, alternating “days” and “nights” are played in which players can be killed and thus eliminated from the game.

Game end

The game ends with a victory for the village if all the werewolves have been killed. The game ends with a victory for the werewolves if they have killed the majority of the villagers. All members of the winning team are winners, regardless of whether they are alive or dead at the end of the game. All other players count as losers.

Game mechanics via meeting software

All participants need to have a microphone and a camera. In the beginning, everyone meets in the call.

  • “Closing eyes”: Just really close your eyes or turn off the camera.
  • “Opening eyes”: The selected characters open their eyes or turn their camera back on.
  • “Werewolfs”: They need to find a channel to communicate without the others hearing. The best option is to set up another meeting call where only the werewolfs join. An alternative could be a private chat.
  • “Seer”: Just open the eyes and private message the major.
  • “Armour”: On the first round, open the eyes and appoint two persons to the major via private chat.

Night phase

Night falls and the whole village is fast asleep. All the players close their eyes. Cupid wakes up and chooses a couple. He writes to the game leader via the chat who the lovers are. Cupid closes his eyes and goes back to sleep. All players close their eyes again and go back to sleep. The game leader now opens a breakout session and adds all the werewolves there. There they can discuss who they want to kill that night. Once they have agreed, one of the werewolves sends a message to the game leader via the chat with the name of the person they killed. Then everyone leaves the breakout session. The werewolves have killed one person, now close their eyes and go back to sleep. Now the witch awakens. The witch opens her eyes and receives a message via the chat about who has been killed. The witch now has the chance to save someone by showing her thumb to the camera. If she shows her thumb upwards, she wants to save a person. If her thumb is pointing down, she is not saving anyone. The witch also has the possibility to kill someone. And again she communicates it with the help of her thumbs. Thumbs up, then she kills someone and thumbs down, then she kills no one. The witch then sends a message to the game leader via chat with the name of the person in question. The witch has made her decision. She also closes her eyes again and falls asleep. The seer wakes up. She opens her eyes and asks the game leader for the identity of a fellow player. Then she closes her eyes and falls asleep.

Day phase

Slowly it gets light, the village with its inhabitants awakens and all participants open their eyes. The game leader now reports who has been killed. If it is one of the lovers, the other person also dies. If there is a dead person, he or she is now out of the game and says what role he or she had. Anyone who has been killed must then switch off their camera. The village naturally wants to find out who did it. All the players discuss who should be accused. The group can accuse several people, a vote is then taken. The person with the most votes is executed and must say what role he had and is also eliminated from the game. Again, if it was one part of the lovers, the second part dies with them.
Night falls over the village again, all the villagers fall asleep and close their eyes. Then everything starts all over again. This is repeated until either all the werewolves or all the citizens have died.