Reallife Mario Kart at your office

Real-life Mario Kart Battle at your Office

Live out your wildest childhood fantasies and transform your office into a Mario Kart arena. Challenge your colleagues to an exciting race!

This is what it could look like in your office

What to expect from Real-life Mario Kart

Challenge your colleagues and transform your office into a riveting Mario Kart course. To master your route, you’ll be equipped with remotely-controllable karts. Two balloons are fixed on the rear. Now the real fun begins: You need to defend your balloons from the spiky needles of your competitors, while trying to pop theirs at the same time. You can either form teams or fight on your own. Your karts are immediately ready to-go and easy to use. The perfect introduction for someone who is new to Mario Kart.

Explore our Mario Kart Bundles:

  • All-inclusive bundle with 6 karts

  • 6 Mario Karts with controllers
  • 200 balloons
  • 15 needle-mounts and 10 balloon-attachments
  • Shipping to your office

Price: € 799

  • All-inclusive bundle with 10 karts

  • 10 Mario Karts with controllers
  • 500 balloons
  • 25 needle-mounts and 15 balloon-attachments
  • Shipping to your office

Price: € 1.199

Let Mario Kart become reality

Mario Kart – Everyone knows it and everyone loves it (except for the Rainbow Road)!

We provide you and your colleagues with a unique Mario Kart experience, perfect for either your lunch break or an action-packed end to your work day. You can decide yourself how you want to design your racetrack. Everything can pose as an obstacle: Bins, chairs, or maybe even the skin of a banana? 



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