Tightrope walkers are needed here

This is what happens during Tactical Survival 

The villagers live in Siberia and have to face arctic temperatures. They are surrounded by nothing but snow, ice and forest. The only passage leading to the town nearby leads directly over a canyon. Unfortunately, the one bridge available has collapsed under the brutal force of the storm. There is a glimpse of hope though as 2 ropes are still left hanging and can be used to pass the canyon. Survival is only possible if the 5 saviors can transport resources to the village over the dangerous path.

“Es ist schon eine ziemlich wackelige Angelegenheit sich auf der Slackline zu halten und zusammen die Distanz zu überwinden. Dann gleichzeitig auch noch Begriffe zu erraten hat immenses Multitasking abverlangt.”

Matthias PrüggerAuthorised Signatory, Sales Manager | Autohaus Prügger

Tactical Survival is a task of the team or city challenge

  • Task type
    ♟ Calm & Focused
  • Experience factor
    🤔 Tricky
  • Team Training
    🖖 Dexterity/Agility 🤝 Trust ♟ Strategic pl.
  • Location
    ⛳️ Outdoor

Choose three to eight suitable tasks from 25 different adventure building tasks. Each task lasts 30 minutes and is completed by all teams of five people in a circle. You don’t have to worry about the venue – we will come directly to your company location or we can also carry out the Team Challenge at one of our partner locations.

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