Seeing the world upside down

Solve great tasks with a new perspective

This is what happens during Seeing The World Upside Down

When our inverted glasses turn everything upside down, even the simplest skill exercises become an insurmountable hurdle. That’s why a strong team and mutual trust in each other are essential. This is the only way you can master the tasks, because the mind likes to play tricks on you here.

“When I put on the glasses, I literally could not believe my eyes. Anyway, it was very exciting to see hands and feet apparently getting their own head.”

Mag. Gabriele HöglerHuman-Resource-Managerin | Up to Eleven

Seeing The World Upside Down is a task of the team or city challenge

  • Task type
    ♟ Calm & Focused
  • Experience factor
    🤔 Tricky
  • Team Training
    🤝 Trust 🖖 Dexterity/Agility 🤗 Empathy
  • Location
    🏡 Indoor or Outdoor

Choose three to eight suitable tasks from 25 different adventure building tasks. Each task lasts 30 minutes and is completed by all teams of five people in a circle. You don’t have to worry about the venue – we will come directly to your company location or we can also carry out the Team Challenge at one of our partner locations.

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