Brilliant Guide: How can Virtual Teams be Successful

Brilliant Guide: How Virtual Teams Become Successful

You’re most likely already a part of a virtual team – maybe…
Two People infront of Laptop with funny costumes doing online team building games

The Ultimate List of Online Team Building Games and Remote Team Activities

Team Building Activities designed to provide fun and communication while…
Personality test for team roles

Personality test for team roles: Test if you are a creator, analyst, connector or maker

A successful team needs diversity and balance: What are your strengths and weaknesses (potentials)? What is your role in your team?
What is debriefing?
our winters tale with virtual christmas parties

Our Winter’s Tale: How we turned the tables

Admittedly, it's a story we're definitely very proud of. 2020 was a blast. As a founder, the hairs on the back of my neck still stand up when I think back to that moment in the office when we were watching the news on TV, anxious and excited at the same time: Corona is here. In the end, however, the year ended with a positive record and a new destiny for us.

Employee feedback: 4 basic rules for sustainable employee performance reviews

Whether Scrum, Kaizen, Lean, Pomodoro or CIP: All successful…
Man doing body exercises before laptop outside

The Top 5 Icebreaker that will definitely cheer up every meeting

You probably know that too: The next online team meeting is coming…

Corona and its side effects – what we can learn from the crisis

The corona virus affected and changed out lives tremendously…