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The Ultimate List of Online Team Building Games and Remote Team Activities

Team¬†Building Activities¬†designed to¬†provide¬†fun¬†and¬†communication¬†while reinforcing a¬†team¬†culture.¬†Looking¬†for¬†inspiration¬†on what to¬†do?¬†We¬†compiled¬†the ultimate list of¬†things¬†to¬†do¬†and have fun with during a¬†meeting¬†as well as some¬†activities¬†to spend time together besides the daily¬†hassle. “The key is co-creating with your team to build a virtual event that they‚Äôre excited about and that keeps them interactive.”   Which activity¬†to¬†choose? Our answer¬†is, it¬†depends.¬†Searching for something before, during […]

Employee feedback: 4 basic rules for sustainable employee performance reviews

Whether Scrum, Kaizen, Lean, Pomodoro or CIP: All successful management models require effective feedback and continuous coaching. The following four rules are the cornerstone for sustainable and effective employee feedback. Human need a reaction after their action. This need is nature of humanity. Neuroscientifically, our brain needs either a mistake or a success in order […]