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Back to office – the boss wants it that way!

An office is supposed to bring employees closer together. Instead, it can lead to division. For some, it’s a blessing, restoring borders between private- and workplaces; socializing with colleagues in real life again. But for others, it’s nothing but wasted time on commute, the loss of flexibility and self-determination. Many factors argue for or against […]

The Ultimate List of Online Team Building Games and Remote Team Activities

Team Building Activities designed to provide fun and improve communication while reinforcing a team culture. Looking for inspiration on what to do? We compiled the ultimate list of things to do and have fun with during a meeting as well as some activities to spend time together besides the daily hassle. “The key is co-creating with your team to build a virtual event that they’re excited about and that keeps them interactive.”   Which activity to choose? Our answer is, it depends. Searching for […]